' Your Dream World '...

Since your skull is actually “light-tight,” the brain, apparently, uses its electrical synapses to create and display a dazzling inner world that’s fully complete with colors, sounds, dimensions and activities.

And, of course, it then also creates a separated “you” who’s then, seemingly, moving through that inner world using a separated “body.”

Is it possible, then, that everything that you experience in your dream world…including this, apparently, separated “self”… exists ONLY as electrical charges that occur within the wet, three-pound gelatinous blob of grey matter between your ears?

Is it possible that you might not be so much be “IN” the universe as much as the universe might really be in “YOU?”

Perhaps your dualistic dream world…often shaped and energized by the spontaneous dance that arises between what that “self” DESIRES and what it FEARS… only appears at all because of your OWN personal and direct awareness of it??

Well, if you, alone, are the ever-present and indispensable Witness to your own Self, then the population of your dream world is really only ONE.

-Chuck Hillig

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