' After Enlightenment'...

After the many years of meditation and ego watching and dissolving,

Grace opens a Door to Reality..

You Wake up as Light and Thought..

This 'First-stage', I know as Divine Consciousness..

Unconditional Love and Knowledge flows within this Space..

Samadhi and satori are ushers within this new Play..

You never want to leave, but curiosity wants to know the Finality of Reality..

You mentally speak to Higher Knowledge and strangely a Higher Source speaks back to You..

Somehow, it feels normal and without fear..

" Is this place of Love and Knowledge, the Final Reality ?",

inquired , this seeker..

The Silence was deafening..

I walked further and found The Source that cannot contain egoic desire..

This Space and Dream called Love..

This 'Pure Awareness'..

This 'Final Reality'...


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