' How Nondualism is Done in the West '...

Proving the nondual nature of reality is not an overall goal for Western philosophy.

A few philosophers have created nondual metaphysical theories; and others have argued against metaphysics altogether.

But most philosophers who dissolve or dismiss dualities are not nondualists.

The dualities left in the dust by these writers are merely casualties of their other work.

In fact, the cleverest and most persuasive arguments tend to come from the works focused on narrow and specific issues, and don’t discuss all of reality at once.

These arguments can be very helpful in the course of one’s nondual inquiry. As the old-time news editors used to say, “We can use it!”

We will examine some of the best known arguments that can be helpful in nondual inquiry, even if a given argument is not used by its author to establish nondualism.

-Greg Goode

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