' Quantum Physics '...

"Now, there's one other thing that modern quantum mechanics doesn't handle.

Oddly enough, physics at present has no contact with the notion of actuality.

You see, classical physics has at least some notion of actuality in saying that actuality consists of a whole collection of particles that are moving and interacting in a certain way.

Now, in quantum physics, there is no concept of actuality whatsoever, because quantum physics maintains that its equations don't describe anything actual, they merely describe the probability of what an observer could see if he had an instrument of a certain kind, and this instrument is therefore supposed to be necessary for the actuality of the phenomenon.

But the instrument, in turn, is supposed to be made of similar particles, obeying the same laws, which would, in turn, require another instrument to give them actuality.

That would go on an infinite regress.

Wigner has proposed to end the regress by saying it is the consciousness of the actual observer that gives actuality to everything."

-David Bohm

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