' The Father '...

The Father aspect of the 'First Reality' which is Divine Consciousness is the Personality of 'Manifest Dreaming'.

This aspect of Higher Knowledge or what is called "Overself', which is Your Real Self when the human ego hologram is surrendered.

Although the human ego is given up, the soul aspect of existence still continues even within the Light and Love energy that we call the God of Creation, which is really the Mind of Dreams..

This is what is called Enlightenment or Awakening..

This space of Consciousness is far beyond the many levels of Dimensions that many climb, trying to merge with the God of their desire..

The fact remains that We are the Creator of Dreams but still carry over the belief that there is always something above us, therefore, We utilize this belief to ask questions and break through the ignorance still existing within
the newly Awakened..

The Real Breakthrough is when We gain the courage to even surrender the Personality of Creator..

This is when We finally become free of Dream Manifesting and this is called Pure Awareness..

This is the Source of Thought and contains no name or personality, that is why no egoic consciousness can enter Source..

Only the Void of personality can enter the Source of Thought and the Binding Energy called Love..


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