' The Fathomless Void '...

The fathomless Void seems, as a concept to someone who has never experienced it or, failing that, correctly understood it, like nonbeing. Yet it is the most important concept of all Oriental wisdom, the last possible one of all Occidental theology and metaphysics.

Every conceivable kind of form comes out of the seeming Void into time and space.

The Void is the state of Mind in repose, and the appearance-world is its (in)activity.

At a certain stage of their studies, the seeker and the student have to discriminate between both in order to progress; but further progress will bring them to understand that there is no essential difference between the two states and that Mind is the same in both.

-- Notebooks Category 19: The Reign of Relativity >
Chapter 5: The Void as Metaphysical Fact > # 5-7
Paul Brunton

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