' The Secondary Consciousness '...

Our primary consciousness is the Mind of Clear Light. It doesn’t rely on thoughts or “outside” entertainments. Its nature is bliss, emptiness and wisdom. It is completely self-sufficient and perfect. It’s permanent and never degrades.

It can energetically contract and “seem” to enform itself into being a secondary consciousness that doesn’t know that it is merely a contracted state of the primary consciousness. This is like water becoming ice.

As an ice cube, it’s dimension is limited to “thought” instead of knowing. It doesn’t feel its intrinsic nature as bliss, and so seeks its bliss from other sources; it’s an endless task.

In a moment of perfect stillness, the ice cube can suddenly melt into water, or the secondary consciousness can revert to its primordial condition. In that moment it knows it’s true nature. That wisdom is only available in the “melted” state. The idea is to remain as that primordial state of Clear Light.

A body with a Mind of Clear Light, free of all self-identities and conceptual constructions of thought, navigates its world perfectly from a much higher capacity to see clearly and being free from all suffering.

Actively engaging in thought is what sustains the secondary mind. Thinking is what freezes the ice cube into its form, as well as all other apparent conceptual formations.

The karmic mind and self IS the Mind of Clear Light, but in it’s contracted state. Without thought, the contraction releases.

What we call the subconscious, is that dimension of historical information that the limited secondary consciousness is no longer able to access due to its contracted state. It then becomes a puppet of that same subconscious information that is constantly stimulated through its reactive thought.

The Mind of Clear Light has no subconscious mind, but rather has an infinite matrix of “potentials” that manifest spontaneously as the landscapes, forms, objects, people and creatures that form its projected mandala. Due to its capacity of clairvoyance, it can preview upcoming projections before actually being projected. Clairvoyance is a definite signature or symptom of the authenticity of one’s state being the Mind of Clear Light. Such a mind navigates its world effortlessly with a similar capacity of intuitive knowingness.

A big mistake is for the secondary mind to merely hear and believe what’s explained above and to then create a new philosophical view to live by. The secondary mind has to relax and release from its own self-contraction, generated and sustained by thought. The water can’t flow freely while still being a frozen ice cube. Both states are mutually exclusive.

-Jackson Peterson

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