' Awakening '...


Know that a journey that never goes beyond words, ideas, thoughts or concepts is not a journey to awakening.

Know the difference between:

A. The final direct experience of infinite consciousness where all suffering, the body, the universe, etc. disappear forever and only infinite-eternal-awareness-love-bliss remains.

B. Thinking about infinite consciousness or any other spiritual topic.

Thinking is not Liberation or Realization.

Know the difference between:

A. Using the teachings as practice instructions.

B. Getting lost or stuck in concepts.

The words and concepts taught in

The Seven Steps to Awakening

lead to the final awakening

only if they are actually practiced.

Every time you read a quote in The Seven Steps to Awakening ask yourself these two questions:

A. What is the purpose of this quote?

B. What would I have to do to put this purpose into practice?

Write your answers to those questions or make an audio recording of your answers and play them back many times repeatedly. Then actually practice the teachings.

The above quotes are from the book
The Seven Steps to Awakening.

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