' Truth '...

Does your search for truth involve only mentally weighing and comparing ideas against one another? In searching with the mind, you pick whatever belief provides mental security and a sense of self. You buy into beliefs in order to protect yourself from having to fully face the fear of the unknown. But truth is not about feeling secure. It is about what is true.

Are you afraid that your core beliefs will be threatened if you question them? Anything that is threatened or destroyed by mere questioning is not real. It is only a belief you are holding onto so that you do not have to fully face your fear of the unknown.

Hidden within every belief is doubt and fear. Doubt is mental uncertainty about your belief that is repressed so that the belief can continue. Fear is like the energetic glue in the body that holds the belief together. In questioning a belief, awareness is finally able to see the hidden mental doubt and the fear that unconsciously fuels the belief.

By seeing the fear directly, without the veil of mental analysis, the fear is seen to be merely raw energy. In that seeing, fear dissipates naturally. It is seen that there was a false sense of self invested in that belief. As the belief falls away, there you are—pure presence—free of the need for a false, mind-created self based solely in fear. That is truth.

-Kiloby, Scott. Reflections of the One Life: Daily Pointers to Enlightenment

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