' Inside the Formless '...

Don’t take the behavior of the mind and body
to be a reading of your true Self.

Let everything happen
but know and confirm inwardly,
you are watching everything from a very stable place
which, itself, is not happening.

There is a stillness there.

There is an untouched silence.

You must acknowledge this.

You must be like the Polar Star in the heavens.

Your heart is the Polar Star, the North Star.

Everything is revolving but it is still—unmoving.

You are the stillness,
the silence inside which all is moving.

You only have to recognize and love that,
and nothing will trouble you.

Everything is the flow of time.

Everything is coming and going,
including even this body.

It is like a burning candle.

But there is an invisible flame inside
that never goes out.

Fix your attention inside the formless
and leave the rest to God.

- Mooji

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