' Pure Awareness '...

8. The knowledge that ignores the Self,
the knower,
and holds as true the field perceived,
is but illusive folly.

No matter how much one has learned,
true knowledge is the merging
of all indicative knowledge
in awareness of the Self.

9. The one true light there is,
is pure Awareness.

Other kinds of knowledge clinging to it
and claiming to be real
are ego-born conceptual clouds.

To trust them is sheer folly.

10. All other kinds of knowledge are base, trivial.

The only true and perfect knowledge
is the stillness of pure awareness.

The many differences perceived in the Self
whose nature is awareness
are wrong attributions
and not real at all.

-The above Sri Ramana Maharshi quotes are from the book
The Seven Steps to Awakening.

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