' What is the Heart ?'...

You see the drawing of the 'Heart' every day when the subject is Love..

You already know that they are not denoting the physical heart..

Why is the 'Heart' used as the symbol of Love?..

Most humans are unaware that the 'Heart' produces much more voltage than the Brain..

Voltage is used as the Energy source of the body and mind to function the operating of the human body hologram..

Light is the building Source..

So why is the 'Heart' involved in Love ?..

Heart is the Energy source and therefore contains no personality..

'No personality' is the 'Door' to Reality..

'No personality' is 'Pure Awareness', otherwise known as Reality..

'No personality' called non-egoic desire is known as 'Love'..

'Love' is Known as 'God'..

'God' is Known as 'Reality'..

The Heart is Consciousness expanding...



jlichota said...

have this post bookmarked from when you originally posted it several months ago… This was perfect timing to have it repeated here tonight again

Thank you.....

thomas meehan said...

Thank you,

It is not easy to examine Nothingness within a paragraph,

but, it is fun, trying...


Jessica said...

Well your efforts are greatly appreciated, and your ability to capture Nothingness in a short sequence of words is incredible ;-)

Thank you again

thomas meehan said...

Thank you Jessica,

An aura of white light enters the room..

Thoughts are stilled and eyes turn..

Understanding of minds are suddenly understood..

Words are a language of bygone eras'..

Consciousness is all that does exist..

And yet, we desire wealth of illusions..


Jessica said...

Beautiful!! Thank you