' Your core story '...

Your core story is that final illusory barrier between you and this great love called enlightenment.

As waking up happens, there may be a sense that you are “not quite there”—a feeling that something is standing in the way of liberation. Trust your instincts.

Some bedrock story of self is likely acting as a barrier, whether it is a story that you are a victim or an attachment to your profession, religion or other belief system.

The notion of “not quite there” may lead you to believe that you need more time. But time will only give you more mind, more story. Instead, be willing to face your core story directly in this moment. All barriers are thought-created.

Because egoic movement is unconscious, it can be difficult to even see the core story that makes up the self-contraction within that does not want to fully and finally dissolve.

Only presence will see it.

Even when you are able to see what the core story is, there is often great fear in facing it through pure awareness. After all, this is your core identity.

But the divine presence cannot be fully realized in you unless there is a recognition of that deepest story of self that you are holding onto for dear life. The core story is often the last and final frontier. In realizing that your core story is as illusory as all stories, ‘This’ is revealed to you.

- Scott Kiloby, Reflections of the One Life: Daily Pointers to Enlightenment

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