Mystical Principles...

As we put off 'mortality' in each of our meditations, by
standing still, letting the mind see that we are not joining
with its thoughts just now; by relaxing from taking thought,
by opening that inner door, and simply remaining receptive;
we listen, we wait, we observe, we are quietly aware; this
is the vacuum into which the Living Spirit flows and reveals
Itself as a Presence in the midst of your consciousness.

Suddenly, as thoughts drop away, you discover you are
living in the conscious awareness of Eternity - you have
stepped out of the human belief in time. You feel your own
Omnipresence - you have stepped out of the human belief
in space. You silently commune with the Immortal One
that God manifested in the beginning before the world was.
you realize, that you have slipped out of the "parenthesis,"
and are once more dwelling in "the temple not made with
hands, eternal in the heavens."

Behold, the Kingdom of Heaven has entered your
consciousness, and the tabernacle of God is with men..........Bill Skiles

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