' The Final Knowledge '...

"The one who found that there is nothing but Thee,

has found the final knowledge."

_Dabestan-e-Madaheb_ [Zoroastrian]

Tao Te Ching...

Accept disgrace willingly. Accept misfortune as
the human condition.

What do you mean by "Accept disgrace willingly"?
Accept being unimportant. Do not be concerned
with loss or gain. This is called "accepting dis-
grace willingly."

What do you mean by "Accept misfortune as the
human condition"? Misfortune comes from having
a body. Without a body, how could there be mis-

Surrender yourself humbly; then you can be trusted
to care for all things. Love the world as your own
self; then you can truly care for all things.

- Lao-tzu
` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` `
Tao Te Ching
Translation by Gia-fu Feng and Jane English
Vintage Books Edition, September 1972

' There is No-body to be saved'...

Seeing through the Desire for Non-dual Teacherhood

The desire for enlightenment is a trap because as long as the desire for enlightenment is there, enlightenment can never be found because one is still trying to get somewhere in the future. No manner of wonderful spiritual experiences, cosmic unitive experience, or wonderment will release me, as the me still desires enlightenment. What is me but desire? Me trying to get beyond the mind to some goal of enlightenment is just a strategy of the ego. As Adyashanti described about his whole journey, this ego striving is a whole recipe for failurehood, and the sooner, the better!' When the desire for awakening dissolves through failurehood, the ego drops away, and existence reveals itself in this moment.

In my own experience, through absolute hopelessness and total failurehood, the ego dropped away and existence was embraced. I, however, was not prepared for a new set of problems. Through the awakening process, I naturally assumed the Bodhisattva vow, of after awakening helping all sentient beings come to awakening. After a while, though, similar to my desire for awakening, this wanting to help others awaken was a setup for misery as well. Wanting to help other beings find their original nature, is perhaps a noble desire, but it still is a desire. Desire impinges on the moment, as it is a tension of wanting something to happen in the future. Because I want to help people in the future, it is a tension now.

I could see that I was subtly waiting for more beings to show up so I could help them. That subtle waiting is a demand on existence in the moment; it is like a complaint, saying to existence "Where are all the people I want to work with?" I could see that, after a while, I had trapped myself once again with desire—the wanting to help others awaken—because it was a subtle way of saying to exis¬tence this moment is not good enough. I was rejecting this moment for some future preferred moment in which there would be more people for me to work with.

This awareness also made me check closely into some non-dual teachings, for I felt others must have experienced this problem as well. The Buddha's teachings in The Diamond Sutra point to the insight of nobody helping nobodies realize they are nobody:

What do you think, Subhuti, does it occur to the Tathagata, "by me has Dharma been demonstrated"? Whosoever, Subhuti, would say, "the Tathagata has demonstrated Dharma", he would speak falsely, he would misrepresent me by seizing on what is not there. Because not even the least Dharma is there found or got at. Therefore it is called "utmost, right and perfect enlightenment". Furthermore, Subhuti, self-identical is that Dharma, and nothing is therein at variance. Therefore is it called "utmost, right and perfect enlightenment". Self-identical through the absence of a self, a being, a soul, or a person...What do you think, Subhuti, does it occur to a Tathagata, "by me have beings been set free"? Not thus should you see it, Subhuti! And why? There is not any being whom the Tathagata has set free.

Here, the Buddha is basically saying there is nobody to be saved, freedom is everybody's nature. There is nothing to hang onto. The only thing that could be said is that there is an invitation, a reminder offered of what is already everyone's own nature. Nothing for the ego to grab onto.
Similarly, Bodhidharma said, "Buddhas don't save buddhas." There can only be an invitation to realize your own nature, a reminder of who you already are. So, there is not much to grab onto here as to what is going on as it is very much like "selling water down by the river." A "teacher" is just a nobody pointing to what a person already is, another nobody.

For me, I knew this intellectually, but I had to see I was putting myself in suffering again with my inner demand to help people. That desire just made me miserable as it allowed my small brain–mind to get back in the driver's seat and strategize how to pull this off, what to do next? The whole rat race of mind and goal-setting had returned through the back door. When one sees clearly how, once again, one has been seduced by desire and pulled into the wheel of the mind, it just stops all by itself. It is just a complete falling away into being. It sure made me laugh as I realized even a noble desire can be a straight path to suffering.

The even crazier thing is that I was already working with many people on their non-dual journey; I just couldn't totally enjoy it as the mind was saying, more... more... more. It was a relapse back into mind. This made me laugh. It was so ordinary. I am an apparent non-dual person that seems to have to learn his lessons the hard way, through experience. So be it.

The way I look at it these days is that the mind with all of its expectations is dropped moment to moment. Expectations are misery, so cut the root. Whatever happens is what happens, and I will just totally enjoy writing and talking about non-dual being as a gift to existence. I am doing my thing. I drop the demand for the echo back and just surrender to existence and let the energy of
existence dance through me like a hollow bamboo. There is no longer an expectation, as that just puts me in bondage, and I have been through that despair. I am just doing my thing: writing, talking, and facilitating non-dual groups. It is just a sharing of understanding.

I have also realized that I needed to drop the Bodhisattva vow of bringing all beings to nirvana. What I have noticed is that some beings want to have nothing to do with me, so that would be crazy to be attached to bringing them to nirvana. Instead, there is just an openness to work with beings who present themselves in my life, in one way or another. This helps me relax and enjoy totally who I do work with, with no demand to work with others or every-body. It seems that people who want to work with me just show up somehow. They decide they want to work with me, and we go from there. I like the simplicity of it. I like working with people who are desperate and at the end of the line. It only entails a small percent-age of the non-dual population. That is beautiful!

Gary Tzu from Awakening to the Paradox of Darkness

' Death '...

Why do humans fear Death ?..

It is the 'ego' that first struggles for existence, even the existence beyond the body..

The 'ego' also exists beyond the death of the body according to the Frequency of Consciousness that it has acquired..

The Consciousness Frequency rises as the egoic desire decreases and the non-egoic desire increases..

This non-egoic Frequency is called Love..

There are more than fifty of these frequencies to travel through before the ego is weak enough to fall into the Light of Love..

All of these lifetimes and frequencies can be avoided by surrendering the desire for egoic separation and Awakening from this dream of separation..

This Awakening is called the 'Short Path', the frequencies are called the 'Long Path'..

The Awakening into Divine Consciousness happens because the ego of manifestation is dissolved,

but, the Ego of Creator God (Divine Consciousness) still exists..

This also must Die..

It also is a Duality from 'Pure Awareness', that contains no egoic desire, as the Energy of Love contains no division called egoic consciousness..

The 'bottom line' is that 'You' must Die to all Existence..

Because, there never was a 'You',

You have always been a 'Dream'..

There Is and Always Was only the Pure Awareness called Love...

namaste, thomas

The Bible: Jesus Meets Satan

Win Back Your Self

' Time's Wheel '...

The wise can nohow deem as real

a world divided and destroyed by time's wheel.

Whole, eternal, perfect, ever-shining

and transcending time and space,

such is the nature of Reality.

The above Ramana Maharshi
The Seven Steps to Awakening

Individual Existence Annihilated...

"A man must separate himself from all attachment to physical reality, said the Maggid,

until he rises through all the spiritual worlds and becomes one with God,

his own individual existence having been annihilated.

Then he is really called man."

Rabbi Dov Baer
in Alan Unterman
_The Wisdom of the Jewish Mystics_
NY New Directions, 1976, p. 54


'I' was the same 'I' fifty years ago or five hundred years ago or even before time ever was,

and 'I' shall be the same fifty years hence or five hundred years hence or even after time ceases to be.

While time passes by,

'I' am forever unchanged.

- Ramesh Balsekar

Wednesday night thoughts...

I ask Overself for guidance..

Overself tells me to speak of this dream..

We, within this dream ask for information to guide us in this experience..

This experience, this dream, this illusion, this egoic detachment..

The egoic personality that You are is called Divine Consciousness, in which You are the Dreamer of Manifestations..

The egoic personality of human is also duality but exists within dreams and within many levels of attachment to the dreams, seeking the end of Dreams, called God..

The path to the end of Dreams has been spoken to you many times..

It is the Path of Love..

Love is the non-existence of egoic consciousness that Awakens the egoic consciousness of God that is You..

This Knowledge is meant for the Advanced Mystic and may seem difficult for most to understand..

The God of the Creation of Dreams or what we call manifestation is also separate from Complete Reality and Complete Love..

Pure Awareness is the Final Reality and contains no egoic consciousness of any kind..

This is the Voice that said; " Let there be Light"..

We are Light, Love, and Consciousness..

The final step is to surrender all desires, especially for the desire to be God..

Complete Love contains no egoic desires...

namaste, thomas