' The Voice '...

The 'Voice', that I spoke with was the range and frequency of man..

The age spoke to me of fifty earth years..

So much Truth that He told me, but He would not tell me the end of the Story..

Did I refuse Your offer to stay for the reasons of pain to relatives and friends?..

Or did I return to learn the 'Final Truth'?..

Perhaps, both..

I often reqreted this decision..

The Dream is so easy to enter that it should be illegal..

Who is this 'Voice' that Loves You ?..

Once you have surrendered the 'egoic-desire',

you will Know..

You will come face to face with Yourself...


' Dream Creator '...

Consciousness tells me to speak of the many dimensions known as frequencies..

Level one and two are filled with the experience of egoic pain..

Level Three begins the path for most unselfish souls..

The higher levels of Consciousness contain less of the egoic desire and exist as spirits within a dream of uniting with souls that were once loved..

Nearing the seventh level all thoughts of other souls are lost within the desire for Unity and Freedom from egoic-desire..

We find that Dreaming of separation is foolish and painful..

At this point of Knowledge, we surrender all desires for separation from Source..

We willingly offer the egoic-desire as a sacrament to Source..

We Die as desire and become Free within the Light, Love, and Consciousness of Reality..

In this experience, We are the Creator of Dreams..

We float within Light and Love and yet, We seek the ending of the story..

The Void of Nothingness speaks to Us and says;

" Enter this Door, and find no one on the other side,

Love contains no personality or egoic-desire,

not even that of 'Dream Creator' ''...


Pink Floyd...

You Are...

You are the peace in silence.
You are the silence in peace.

You are the light of consciousness that causes all things to be seen.
You are the perceiving love devoid of objective identity.

You are the wisdom and love which shines from the source of existence.
You are Unborn Awareness Self.

- Mooji

With desirelessness comes timelessness...

I am told I was born. I do not remember. I am told I shall die. I do not expect it. You tell me I have forgotten or I lack imagination. But I just cannot remember what never happened, nor expect the patently impossible. Bodies are born and bodies die, but what is it to me? Bodies come and go in consciousness, and consciousness itself has its roots in me. I am life, and mine are mind and body.

I am dead already. Physical death will make no difference in my case. I am timeless being. I am free of desire or fear, because I do not remember the past, or imagine the future. Where there are no names and shapes, how can there be desires and fear?

With desirelessness comes timelessness. I am safe, because what is not cannot touch what is. You feel unsafe, because you imagine danger. Of course, your body as such is complex and vulnerable and needs protection. But not you. Once you realize your own unassailable being, you will be at peace.

Nisargadatta Maharaj quotes from 'I Am That'

Uncover the True Self...

Only at a well-advanced stage does the disciple begin to comprehend that his true work is not to develop qualities or achieve tasks, to evolve character or attain goals but to get rid of hindrances and pull aside veils.

He has to desert the false self and uncover the true self.

-- Notebooks Category 2: Overview of Practicies Involved >
Chapter 9: Conclusion > # 6
Paul Brunton


Not the Creator of the Dream, but the controllers of the Dream need 'Fear' as a power source..

This is why 'Fear' is presented to your consciousness by the Media, twenty-four hours a day..

The controllers of the Dream control all systems of power within this Dream..

You are experiencing the 'Duality' of this Dream..

You that are Awake, are understanding these words..

Although, this Dream is an illusion, the ego feels the pain of materiality..

But, You that are Awake, remain the Observer of this Duality..

The Energy of non-egoic desire is called Love..

The Energy of Fear is called egoic-desire..

Is it now becoming more clear?..

You are Consciousness looking into a reverse mirror..


Irish Mystical Music...

Death is a tax...

Death is a tax the soul has to pay for having had a name and a form.

Bowl of Saki, by Hazrat Inayat Khan
Commentary by Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan:

All that is constructed is subject to destruction; all that is composed must be decomposed; all that is formed must be destroyed; that which has birth has death. But all this belongs to matter; the spirit which is absorbed by this formation of matter or by its mechanism lives, for spirit cannot die.

That which the soul has borrowed he must give back when it has done its work; it was borrowed for a certain time and for a certain purpose. When the purpose is fulfilled, when the time is finished, then every plane asks for that which the soul has borrowed from it, and one cannot help but give it back to that plane. It is this process which is called assimilation. Since man is born greedy and selfish he has taken all things willingly, enthusiastically -- he gives them back grudgingly and calls it death. ...

Death is nothing but the taking off of one garb and giving it back to the plane from which it was borrowed, for the condition is this: one cannot take the garb of the lower plane to the higher plane. The soul is only released when it is willing -- or compelled -- to give its garb to the plane it has taken it from. It is this which releases the soul to go on in its travel. And as it proceeds to a higher plane, after its stay there it must again give its garb back and be purified from it in order to go further. ... This knowledge also throws a light upon the question of death. Death is not really death; it is only a passing stage, it is only a change, as changing clothes

No self-definition is valid...

Disregard whatever you think yourself to be and act as if you were absolutely perfect - whatever your idea of perfection may be.

You are already perfect, here and now. The perfectible is not you. You imagine yourself to be what you are not. Stop it. It is the cessation that is important, not what you are going to stop.

Get rid of all ideas about yourself, even of the idea that you are God. No self-definition is valid.

To be, you must be nobody. To think yourself to be something, or somebody, is death and hell.

-Nisargadatta Maharaj from I Am That