Looking For An Echo - Kenny Vance

" you will die "...

Does this bring fear within your mind?..

The body dies and the soul continues..

The soul is the sub-conscious mind that contacts both Divine Consciousness and conscious mind..

This soul is treated as a system of memories that can be stolen by those entities called satanic..

It is the focus of Thought..

It is the energy of manifestation..

It is also a Dream..

You are Divine Consciousness that believes that You are an energy called soul..

You have been lost for a great while..

Soul becomes lost within the belief in egoic desire..

Are you confused yet?..

You have two hurdles to jump..

ego and soul..

and yet when You discover that You are neither, You enter Nothingness..

Still too much to comprehend?..

You are actually Pure Awareness but are too asleep to know this..

My paragraph is completed...

namaste, thomas

" I Am "...

"When we examine the mind
of the average person,

we find that he usually identifies himself
with mind or body.

He either thinks that he is body
or that he is mind,

and therefore he can control
neither mind nor body.

The "I Am" in his nature is submerged
in a bundle of ideas,

some of which are true
and some of which are not,

and his thought is usually controlled
by those ideas
without receiving any direction whatever
from that principle within him
that alone was intended to give direction.

Such a man lives in the lower story
of human existence,

but as we can control life only
when we give directions from the upper story,

we discover just why the average person
neither understands his forces
nor has the power to use them.

He must first elevate himself
to the upper story of the human structure,

and the first and most important step
to be taken in this direction
is to recognize the "I Am" as the ruling principle,

and that the "I Am" is you."

- Christian D. Larson
from the book A Course In Materialization


When in deep sleep we have absolutely no sense of Time's existence at all.

We are then in eternity!

When we become thoroughly convinced of the illusoriness of time, and make this conviction a settled attitude, eternity reveals itself even during the waking state.

This is life in the Overself.

This is not the same as totalizing the past present and future;

all those belong to illusion.

This realization gives perfect peace.

-Paul Brunton


Some people enter spirituality thinking it will help them address everything in human life. Their pursuit of enlightenment is that if they can have the right realization then all of their difficulties will be solved. It almost never works out to be that way. We have to look at spirituality with more mature reasonable eyes. We exist on multiple dimensions of experience and perception.

People try to see life as an unimportant dream state and that is why there is tremendous sense of freedom. But if you hold yourself there you are doing it out of fear, out of avoiding your human nature. Human nature will pull anyone down into humility. It is hard to be human and grandiose at the same time.

From the Nisargadatta Webclass Nov 2014

Enya - Amarantine

The Voice of God...

"It is true that the voice of God, having once fully penetrated the heart, becomes strong as the tempest and loud as the thunder.

But before reaching the heart it is as weak as a light breath which scarcely agitates the air.

It shrinks from noise, and is silent amid agitation."

St. Ignatius of Loyola
in Carol Kelly-Gangi
_The Essential Wisdom of the Saints_
NY: Fall River Press, 2008, p. 3


People are about as happy as they make up
their minds to be.

- Abraham Lincoln

The Heart is the Overself...

Fix the attention undividedly upon the Overself which is anchored in your heart-centre.

Then everything you do during the day will naturally be divinely inspired action and true service.

The Overself is your true source of power:

turn towards it and receive its constructive guidance for your task of daily living.

- Paul Brunton

The person...

The person is what I appear to be to other persons.

To myself,

I am the infinite expanse of consciousness in which innumerable persons emerge and disappear in endless succession.

-Nisargadatta Maharaj