' Source is Light Consciousness '...

' Every Moment '...

"To think in meditation that,

if God is favorable,

He may appear at any moment is quite right.

In fact,

we expect Him at every moment in meditation."

Shivapuri Baba
in Renu Lal Singh
Right Life: Teaching of the Shivapuri Baba
NorthShire, U.K.: Coombe Springs Press, 1984, p. 56

' The Great Way '...

The Great Way is not difficult for those who have
no preferences.

When love and hate are both
absent everything becomes clear and undisguised.

Make the smallest distinction, however, and
heaven and earth are set infinitely apart.

- Seng-T’San

' Paradoxical '...

If the enigma must be put into worded statements to satisfy demands,

then they must be paradoxical ones.

Those who require smooth, eloquent,

and uplifting utterances may get comfort.

But the truthful way is in the end the better way.

-- Notebooks Category 7: The Intellect >
Chapter 7: Metaphysics of Truth > # 16
Paul Brunton

' To suppress desire '...

Any action taken to suppress desire can only strengthen it.

Desire can only fall away gradually by itself.

It is a rather curious fact that each man craves for certainty and security as an intrinsic part of happiness for himself,

but without any clear idea of what this 'himself' is!

-A Net of Jewels
Ramesh S. Balsekar

' When the mind is quiet '...

When the mind is quiet, we come to know
ourselves as the pure witness.

We withdraw
from the experience and its experiencer and
stand apart in pure awareness, which is
between and beyond the two.

The personality,
based on self-identification, on imagining
oneself to be something:

‘I am this, I am that’,
continues, but only as a part of the objective
world. Its identification with the witness snaps.

- Nisargadatta Maharaj

' Silence '...

Whether it is ever possible to put into words that will not be idle ones truths of our real being has been a question whose answers are well argued for and against.

But whatever the judgement may be, who can doubt that similes, metaphors--that is, symbols--may be offered, suggestive hints given forth, and clues left behind by those whose knowledge and experience carries authority.

And these, too, are only words.

Those who say that, in this matter, human language is suspect, completely untrustworthy, and utterly helpless, that its use here can only set up false images and fresh illusions, are going too far.

It is to condemn us to hopelessness.

And it does not explain why Lao Tzu, Buddha, Krishna, Jesus, John of the Cross, and Ramana Maharshi spoke or wrote despite their avowals.

Of course their communication is all a matter of reference to levels.

On the ordinary practical level--the immediate one--expression through any art, be it music, painting, drama, or literature, is not futile and does give something, does affect its audience.

If it be given by an enlightened man to those still groping in darkness or dusk, it has its place and is justified.

But on the ultimate level, with the mind absorbed in the Void, what is there to say?

And to whom could it be said?

Silence then becomes the correct attitude.

When humanity attains this level, the descent of divine teachers and their words will not be needed.

-- Notebooks Category 7: The Intellect >
Chapter 7: Metaphysics of Truth > # 15
Paul Brunton

' Learning to learn '...

"Under the right teacher, the disciple learns to learn, not to remember and obey.

Satsang, the company of the noble, does not mold, it liberates.

Beware of all that makes you dependent."

-Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

' Value '...

I noticed an Arab of the desert sitting in a company of jewelers.


"I had once lost my road in the desert and consumed all my food.

I considered that I must perish when I suddenly caught sight of a
bulging canvas bag.

I shall never forget the joy and ecstasy I felt on
thinking it might be parched grain nor the bitterness and despair when
I discovered it to be full of pearls."


' The World-show '...

Human intelligence has penetrated to the fact that behind the world-show there is a Reality but cannot penetrate the latter itself.

Both science and metaphysics concur in this discovery,

but no human writing has ever described it or can ever do so.

-- Notebooks Category 7: The Intellect >
Chapter 7: Metaphysics of Truth > # 14
Paul Brunton