' The sounds of silence'...

This silence of thought, befuddles you..

You believe that the frequency of sound is Reality..

Within the Light of Reality,

Sound is data received within Consciousness..

Consciousness changes the data according to Dream..

Miracles happen, and you make the guru, God..

Would it not be wise to walk this same walk of
Realization of this God ?...


' Love has no pride '...

' The Pure Mind '...

"The pure mind sees things as they are--bubbles in consciousness.

These bubbles are appearing, disappearing and re-appearing, without having real being.

No particular cause can be ascribed to them, for each is caused by all and affects all.

Each bubble is a body and all these bodies are mine."

-Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

' Cosmic Consciousness '...

Cosmic consciousness alone exists now and ever;

in it are no worlds, no created beings.

- Yoga Vasistha

' My abode '...

If someone asks
My abode

I reply:

"The east edge of
The Milky Way.

"Like a drifting cloud,
Bound by nothing:

I just let go
Giving myself up
To the whim of the wind.

- Ryokan

' The first degree of Illumination '...

The deeper he looks into his own nature--a procedure which cannot be done without practising meditation--the nearer he will come to the truth about it.

In the first stage of penetration, his external surroundings and the whole world with them, vanish. In the second and deeper stage, the feeling "I am rooted in God," alone remains. In the third stage the "I" thought also goes. In the final stage even the idea "God" disappears. There remains then no idea of any kind--only peace beyond telling, consciousness in its pure ever-still state.

If he stops at levels A or B, he is still unable to fulfil his purpose. It is just as if a composer of a piece of music were to stop halfway during its composition. Only by penetrating still farther into the depths of his being until he reaches level C will he be able to undergo that tremendous, profound, and radical change which may be called the first degree of illumination. So sudden and so startling a change could not have come unless he had had the perseverance to make so prolonged a plunge.

Few mystics pass the first degree. The rapture of it detains them.

- Paul Brunton

' Bob Dylan '...

' Bliss '...

Bliss is the very nature of the Self.

Self is the infinitude of Bliss.

All Being is but Bliss.

Knowing this firmly,
in the Self abide enjoying Bliss forever.

- Ramana Maharshi

' God became man '...

"God became man that man might become God."

Athanasius, On the incarnation of the Word, 54, 3
Augustine, Sermons 13
Thomas Aquinas, Ps 8; II Pt. 2:4, Summa Theologica III,1,2

' You are a mystery '...

You are not any thought, feeling, reaction, role, identity, title, job position, belief, perspective or any other thing that appears within the field of awareness. You are that which sees those objects. You are what is looking. Notice any and all objects that arise in the field of awareness. See that none of those objects are you. Once you realize yourself as that which is looking, and no longer mistake yourself to be any object in awareness, you know who you truly are.

You also know that no description, concept, thought, story, or belief can ever capture who you truly are—not even the words “awareness” or “Oneness.” Even the phrase “you are what is looking” is an object within awareness. The words human being, enlightenment, child of God, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, spiritual seeker or spiritual teacher are little stories or relative truths.

They too are objects floating within awareness. You are not any of those thoughts. Thoughts are abstractions. They are signs or ideas pointing to an unnamable presence that is here prior to, during, and after thoughts arise and fall. No matter what you think about life, yourself, or God, that thought is temporarily arising and falling in awareness.

Do you see that you are a mystery? Do you see that even the word “mystery” is an abstraction, a little idea arising and falling in the field of awareness?

- Scott Kiloby, - Reflections of the One Life: Daily Pointers to Enlightenment (