The Tao...

When I'm at peace I let everything go

I wake by the east window long after sunrise
viewed without passion everything is fine

seasonal glories hold true for man

the Tao fills the world the formed the formless

our thoughts are in the ever-changing wind and clouds
not troubled by wealth content in poverty

the person who reaches this is truly noble

- Ch'eng Hao

[From; 'Poems of the Masters: China's Classic Anthology of T'ang and Sung Dynasty Verse'. Translated by Red Pine. Copper Canyon Press]

The Wind - Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens)



There is no conflict within God..

Conflict is caused by the false belief that We are separate from God..

We call this, egoic consciousness..

Once, We Realize that there is no ego or separation,, conflicts end..

This is called Humility and Love..

Love is the only Law,

All other laws are created by the false ego...

namaste, thomas

Do we tell you too much ?...

I can tell you that You and God are one,

but, can I tell you more without causing you fear ?.

Jesus said that He and God are One and you accepted it as Truth but only for Him..

This is the state of Divine Consciousness and is Your Nature and Reality..

Do you have the courage to know the Final Truth ?..

Not many can.

The Fear of non-existence is beyond the mind and ego to comprehend..

The mind is the ego and will not accept that it is an illusion..

How can you accept that you are also an illusion ?..

You accept yourself as a separate egoic consciousness and cannot comprehend anything else..

You as Energy will always exist, but, you as ego is only a dream..

How much courage do you have ?..

Will it help if I tell you that You are Love and Awareness ?..

Yes, I think that it will...

namaste, thomas

Be who you are...

“Be who you are and say what you feel,

because those who mind don't matter,

and those who matter don't mind.”

― Bernard M. Baruch

Asleep , Awake, Aware...

To be asleep or spiritually dead is to believe that You are the dream called egoic consciousness..

To be awake is to know that You are Divine Consciousness , One with God and live with this Knowledge at every moment..

To be fully Aware is to know that there is only Pure Awareness (God) and You are just a dream from this Awareness..

namaste, thomas

a powerfully held thought...

"The problem of the relation between the mind and the body disappears when we grasp these great truths,

that the body is only an experience of consciousness and that such an experience can be external during wakefulness or internal during dream,

but is actually as much a powerfully-held thought in both cases as is the outside space which is set up to contain both the body and the world."

Paul Brunton, 'The Wisdom Of The Overself'

you too disappear...

Just when you thought you had made it or that you belonged here, the return movement begins. Perhaps people close to you begin to die, people who were a part of your world.

Then your physical form weakens; your sphere of influence shrinks. Instead of becoming more, you now become less, and the ego reacts to this with increasing anxiety or depression. Your world is beginning to contract, and you may find you are not in control anymore.

Instead of acting upon life, life now acts upon you by slowly reducing your world. The consciousness that identified with form is now experiencing the sunset, the dissolution of form.

And then one day, you too disappear. Your armchair is still there. But instead of you sitting in it, there is just an empty space. You went back to where you came from just a few years ago.

~ From: A New Earth, by Eckhart Tolle

The Sage's Secret: Stay as the Self

The Way...

"Huoan said to Minister of State Ceng Tai:

'The essential point in studying the Way is like balancing stones to weigh things:

just get them even, that is all — it won't work if one side is too heavy.

Pushing ahead and lagging behind are both the same in being one-sided.

When you realize this, you can study the Way."

in _Zen Lessons_, 209
Translated by Thomas Cleary
NY: Barnes & Noble, 1989, p. 133