' Wondering where the lions' are '...

' Pain '...

Pain is a warning device placed by Universal
Consciousness to tell us that something is wrong and you must correct
the problem..

This refers to both body and mind...

When your thoughts
are centered on the Ego (self-ish-ness), then the fruit of this
thought will bring pain...

When your thoughts are on self-less-ness
(non-ego)(Love), then you will attain the State of Bliss..

What you
believe is real is just an illusion that is created by thought.

is the material world..

Reality, is the realization that You and God
are One..

This state requires no creation, It is the knowledge that
you really exist in a state of Pure Consciousness that is known by
the feeling of Complete Love, which is Complete Un-self-ish-ness..

- thomas

' The eroding away of me '...

' The meaning of Love '...

A man once fell madly in love with a beautiful woman. He followed her
for days and finally went up to her on the street and declared his
undying, all-consuming love.

He went on and on, and finally the woman interrupted, "Your words
are lovely, but my sister is coming along behind you. She is far more
beautiful than I am, and I'm sure that you will prefer her to me."

As the man spun around to look at the beautiful sister, the woman
slapped him sharply on the back of his neck. She exclaimed, "I thought
you said that your love for me was all-consuming and undying. Some
love you have! The instant I mentioned a more beautiful woman, you
turned away from me to look at her. You don't even know the meaning of

--Sheikh Muzaffer
as collected by James Fadiman & Robert Frager

' Being and Non-being '...

“We work with being, but non-being is what we use”.

AS THE MIND realizes itself, it stops identifying with
its own thoughts. This leaves a lot of open space.

A mature mind can entertain any idea; it is never
threatened by opposition or conflict, because it
knows that it can't be hindered.

When it has no position to defend or identity to protect, it can go anywhere. There's never anything to lose, because
there's no- ‘thing’ that exists in the first place.
Laughter pours out of it and tears of gratitude,
from the experience of its own nature.

Everything appears to come into me. I watch and witness what comes out of me. I'm the center of everything. I hear opinions and concepts, and because there's no I to identify as, I take it all in as being, and everything that comes out of the experience has been bathed in non-being, has been deleted and put out again.

- Byron Katie

' The Subconscious Mind '...

Much of our emotional and cognitive landscape is projected into consciousness from subconscious dynamics driven by stimulus/response conditioning, as is our dreams at night.

Our personality is shaped by past experiences and conditioning. Our thoughts and actions are driven by embedded patterns that remained fixed in subconscious memory due to prior mental impressions.

For instance, a girl who was sexually molested when very young may have problems with sexual intimacy for her entire life. Or a child who almost drowned when a baby, may have a lifetime fear of water and swimming.

All fixed preferences have become subconscious patterns that the mind doesn't even have to think about during a moment of "choosing". "You" don't choose, the mental process does.

The most important of the various fixed patterns in the subconscious is the well-defined "sense of self identity". This sense of self then becomes a somewhat permanent filter over the lens of all experience and a kind of movie director. The mind then believes this bundle of conditioning to be it's actual "self". It's the feeling and thought of "me". But it's no more real than an identity in last night's dream.

It is only this mentally created personality dynamic that is seeking enlightenment and liberation from its suffering. It is only this personality dynamic that gets attached to a teaching tradition and teacher as well as believing that various practices will be beneficial. But we must ask "beneficial for whom?". Remember, the personal self, the seeker, is ONLY a bundle of concepts and emotional feelings as a subconscious mental construction.

So fundamentally the problem isn't the problem; rather the one who owns the problem is the only problem, and that "owner" doesn't exist.

This is why I always ask "who" is seeking or who is suffering or who is there to do a practice or who is there to attain enlightenment. It's obvious here that that "who" is afigment of conditioned imagination only.

Here, when that cessation of subconscious selfing happened suddenly, the self-identity just vanished due to some subconscious shift. There no longer was anyone as a personal self with a personal story present. The personal self disappeared, like waking from a dream.

The concepts of death and suffering no longer had meaning because there was no longer anyone there to die or to suffer. It was an amazing freedom in a realm of infinite and vast, empty Beingness that belonged to no one.

It is only this moment of complete personal absence that has true meaning. This is what the Buddha experienced that he called anatta or no self. This is the liberation in which the one seeking liberation vanishes.

-Jackson Peterson

' No failure '...

People usually fail when they are on the verge
of success.

So give as much care to the end
as to the beginning;

then there will be no failure.

- Lao-tzu

' Realizing the Mind of Clear Light '...

Mipham Rinpoche wrote:

"In the sutras and the tantras it is called "sphere and emptiness." Itis called "sphere" (like a crystal ball) from the viewpoint of being without observation of any marks, being devoid of all aspects of proliferation, such as production, cessation, coming, going, and so forth, as mentioned at the beginning of Nagarjuna's Treatise on the Middle Way, and for the same reason it is called "emptiness."

It is devoid of all marks and signs, which are like smoke being the sign indicating the presence of fire. From its factor of luminous self effulgence, it is called "self-arisen pristine wisdom." And due to its not changing in any aspect, it is called "fundamental mind." In other texts it is called "fundamental cognition" and "natural mind of clear light."

"From the viewpoint of its immutability, it is called "mind-vajra" (mind-diamond) since it does not undergo any change. The mind-vajra (rigpa) pervades wherever space is present and thus this basal Mind of Clear Light is called "that endowed with the space-vajra pervading space."

This "Mind Vajra", like a crystal clear, diamond sphere; our transparent awareness (rigpa), experienced as directly behind the eyes and forehead as the place from where you are looking out from; however has no actual location in space or time.

You are that absolutely empty, yet aware, crystal clear space. Close your eyes and experience the clear emptiness that you are. Allthoughts, sounds and perceptions are arising in that aware emptiness without changing what you actually are as a knowing, clear transparency; like reflections appearing in a crystal clear mirror or crystal ball.

The individual "self" is an energetic reflection that appears in the empty mirror of pure awareness; like the character you seem to be in adream at night. When highly energized, the "reflection-self" takes cognitive center stage and the clear and empty transparency of the mirror remains unnoticed yet remains the empty, hosting context of its own reflections.

It's the reflected self-image that is confused and that suffers, not our clear and changeless hosting awareness (rigpa). We are the empty, aware context in which the energetic self-projection appears. The solution is just a subtle shift in focus of identity. Longchenpa explains how:

"The method is directing attention upon attention or awareness. When any arising is experienced, especially thoughts, moods, emotions, or feelings of personal self-identity, one simply notices one’s present naked awareness." (your aware knowingness, rigpa)

"By directing the attention back to awareness, the arising dissolves back into its origin and its essential nature, awareness." (the reflection dissolves back into the mirror)

This is like how we wake up from a dream in the morning. The dream images dissolve back into our awake awareness, from which they arose.

Longchenpa continues:

"In doing this, the arising releases its formative energy in itsdissolution as a surge of further clarity of Clear Light (rigpa), the power (tsal) and potency of awareness that energized the arising in the first place. Hence one’s Awareness presence is enhanced in the collapseof the formative arising. Hence the Dzogchen comment that “the stronger the afflictive emotion upon dissolution, the stronger the enhancement to the clarity of presence."

Another method that exposes this transparent Mind of Clear Light is Dzogchen thögal as taught in our "Dzogchen Thogal" group. Thögal brings the Mind of Clear Light (rigpa) vividly to center stage and the mind's reflections dissolve; which is the reverse of how self-identity takes center stage.

(Longchenpa quotes from: 'A Treasure Trove of Scriptural Transmission', Padma Publication)

(Mipham quote from: "The Meaning of Fundamental Mind, Clear Light, Expressed in Accordance with the Transmission of Conqueror Knowledge-Bearers: Vajra Matrix")

' The background of THAT '...

Past, present, future become mere dreams when considered against the background of THAT.

If man could switch his thought of self over to the Source,

and keep on identifying it with that,

his consciousness would be transformed.

-- Notebooks Category 24: The Peace within You >
Chapter 3: Practise Detachment > # 240
Paul Brunton

' Who are You '???...

The singing of poets and mystics are presented to you for contemplation..

These vibrations of Truth from the hearts of other holograms are the last gasp

of the illusions before returning to Nothingness..

This path of non-egoic desires is frightening to the life force..

The role of Nature is to create and blosson..

Where do you fit in ?..

You create the manifestation of desires, and yet you remain ignorant of this Truth..

Therefore, who are You ?..

This is the question that has always been given to you..

Who are You ?...