Dr. Murphy on 'self'...

" Retaining a full collection of the self"..

Notice the small 's' in self..

He is speaking of the 'egoic consciousness'..

Does the bell begin to sound?..

I speak of the capital 'S'..

Self, which is Source..

As a mystic, I believe that Dr. Murphy entered into the higher planes of illusions called Heavens..

I do not believe that he was able to surrender all desires and therefore, remained within the reincarnations into the higher frequencies..

As you desire, so shall it be..

Remember when Jesus said; " I and the Father are One"..

He did not say that He would remain in separation..

But, is the ego weak enough for you to See ?...


" Sunshine "...


"..why talk of happiness at all?

You do not think of happiness except when you are unhappy.

A man who says: "Now I am happy," is between two sorrows--past and future.

This "happiness" is mere excitement caused by relief from pain.

Real happiness is utterly unselfconscious."

-Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

The three paths...

"There are three different paths to reach the ideal, the path of 'I', the path of 'Thou', and the path of 'Thou and I'.

According to the first, all that is, has been, or ever will be, is I myself.

In other words, 'I am, I was, and I shall be, to all eternity.'

According to the second, 'Thou art, O Lord, and all is Thine.'

And according to the third, 'Thou art the Lord, and I am Thy servant or Thy son.'

In the perfection of any one of these three, God is realised."

Sri Ramakrishna
Teachings of Sri Ramakrishna
Calcutta: Advaita Ashram, 1997, p. 31

The mind...

The mind can have dealings only with kindred objects formed from its own substance, that is, with thoughts, ideas. Therefore when it knows material objects they must really be ideas.

Anthony: In a dream it's easier to recognize. When you wake up you see that what you experienced in the dream was an idea. That is, all you experienced was ideas—when you wake up!—but when you are dreaming you. can't say that. Because that fire that you are warming your hands by in the dream makes you feel warm all over. You feel that the fire is out there and you are warming yourself by it. But when you wake up you realize that they were just ideas. There was no fire there. That was just an idea in your mind, and that you were getting warm was another idea. So when you analyze dreams you can see that you always experience a world of ideas. When you are in the dream you can't say to yourself, "Well this is just an idea," unless you are an adept at yoga. When you're in the dream you actually experience the warmth of the fire.

Now in the same way, you are in the sensible world. You say that tree is an idea. Yes, it is an idea. When you really reflectively under-stand, then you know it is an idea. But for most of us that tree is out there, I am over here, in between there is distance, and to me that tree is just as real as I am. You don't say, "That is just an idea in my mind." You have to be reflectively aware that that is an idea, just like this body is an idea, that the two are ideas. But you don't have that experience in ordinary wakeful consciousness except at certain mo­ments, like for instance if you experience a serious grief or bereave­ment. If someone that you love very much dies, for a few minutes you experience the world, the whole thing, as a dream. It is not real, it has a kind of unreality about it. But that will last for a few minutes, then it goes and then you are back.

Sometimes when you meditate you get a feeling of utter peace, quiet. You open your eyes and gradually you come back. That feeling that the world is a dream is still there, very strong. It takes a little time and then gradually you begin to go back into the world. You can also have an experience that the world is an idea in your wakeful consciousness, while you are awake. But this is not going to come easily, it is going to require effort. It is going to require the ability to keep the mind quiet.

-Anthony Damiani from Looking into Mind

Falling from the Self...

This villainous vast world so false

that cheats and churns the minds of all,

how did it come to be?

By nothing else but by the fault of falling from the Self

instead of clinging firmly to It.

- Ramana Maharshi


That one is blessed and at peace
who doesn't hope, to whom
desire makes no more loans.

Nothing coming, nothing owed.

- Lalla
14th Century North Indian mystic

` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` `

From "Naked Song"
Versions by Coleman Barks
Maypop 1992

The Mirror...

Pure Awareness has Dreamed of a mirror..

It has no egoic consciousness and needs a mirror to see what It Is..

To see what It Is is to first see what It Is Not..

Pure Awareness sees the Creator of Holograms called Divine Consciousness..

We are Divine Consciousness..

But, you have been deceived to believe that you are separate from the Creator and thus become the false self called ego..

To return to the Reality called Love,

you must surrender all egoic desire..

It is this easy and this difficult..

Good Luck !..


The Circle Game...


Is Desire a gift or a challenge?..

Desire is the egoic consciousness..

Who is the one that desires?..

The ego desires..

Who are You?..

Are You the ego or are You, Divine Consciousness?..

This is what you have to decide..

Are You part of God or are You separate from God ?..

Because You are Divine Consciousness, any desire becomes manifested into the dream that the ego calls reality..

Is this a gift from God , or is it a game that traps the Player ?..

I have personally found that the surrendering of all desires brought me into the Awakening from the dreams of desire and into the Reality of Light, Love, and Consciousness..

But, you are the Captain of your ship and must steer it as you desire...