' Quantum Physics and Prasangika Buddhist View '...

"From the 'I' and the aggregates of body/mind, down to the atomic particles, everything is labeled on another label. Something is imputed to one base, which is labeled on another base, and that base is labeled on another base. Everything exists being labeled. Everything is a label, starting with our aggregates of body/mind. So, from the I and the aggregates of body/mind down to the atomic particles, everything is completely empty of existing from its own side. The concrete things that appear to us are hallucinations."
Lama Zopa

Quantum Physics professor at Oxford, England, Vlatko Vedral:

"But Buddhism tells us that we should not confuse the label with the object. More importantly, just because we have a label for something, it does not mean that this something is real. Quantum physics is indeed very much in agreement with Buddhistic emptiness."

"Discovering a particle means observing certain effects which are accepted as proof of its existence.’ Eddington claims here that a particle is just a set of labels that we use to describe outcomes of our measurements. And that’s it. It all boils down to a relation between our measurements and our labels!"

Richard Conn Henry, Professor in the Henry A. Rowland Department of Physics and Astronomy, Johns Hopkins:

"There is another benefit of seeing the world as quantum mechanical: someone who has learned to accept that nothing exists but observations (descriptions) is far ahead of peers who stumble through physics hoping to find out ‘what things are’. "

"In place of “underlying stuff ” there have been serious attempts to preserve a material world — but they produce no new physics, and serve only to preserve an illusion."

As Sir Arthur Eddington explained: “It is difficult for the matter-of-fact physicist to accept the view that the substratum of everything is of mental character.”

Liberation in Buddhism is based on the realization of twofold emptiness;
that's the whole essence of liberation.

Emptiness is like seeing all factors of mind, awareness and energy areempty like clouds with no solid center and with no static duration. There is fundamentally nothing happening, but what "isn't happening" is vividly apparent as though happening, like a dream at night.

The first fold of emptiness insight is seeing there is no self, soul, mind or personal identity except what is fictionally believed; much like whoyou convincingly "seem" to be in a dream at night.

The second emptiness insight is seeing that everything that appears as objectively real, acquires its illusory status of existence purely from thoughts that say so. All phenomena "exist" only by virtue of their conceptual descriptions.

Seeing and directly knowing the empty, yet vivid nature of ALL subjective and objective phenomena, is what Nirvana is.

This isn't a gradual result, rather it's an "all at once" insight that sees the generic nature of ALL phenomena to be empty, without exception. It's the sudden, all-inclusive, all-pervasive nature of the emptiness insight that springs open the samsaric prison door by revealing no prisoners ever existed to be freed.

-Jackson Peterson

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