' Meditation '...

Meditation must be restored to its rightful place in the human program.

Only those who have tasted its wonder know how bare, how poor, is a life from which it is always absent.

Only those who have become expert in the art know the major pleasure of lying back on its velvet couch and letting their burdens fall from them.

The benefits of meditation apply both to mundane life and to spiritual seeking.

Think what it means to be able to give our mental apparatus a complete rest, to be able to stop all thoughts at will, and to experience the profound relief of relaxing the entire being--body, nerves, breath, emotions, and thoughts!

Those whose nerves cannot endure the extreme tension of modern existence will find ample healing by resorting to mental quiet.

-- Perspectives > Chapter 3:
Relax and Retreat > # 15
Paul Brunton

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