' A double spell '...

It is all like a gigantic dream, with every human inserting his own private dream inside the public one.

A double spell has to be broken before reality can be glimpsed--the spell which the world lays upon us and that which self lays upon us.

The man who has completely awakened from this spell is the man who has gained complete insight. This faculty is nothing other than such full wakefulness.

It is immensely difficult to attain, which is why so few of the dreamers ever wake up at all and why so many will not even listen to the revelations of the awakened ones.

However, Nature teaches us here as elsewhere not to let patience break down. There is plenty of time in her bag.

Life is an evolutionary process.

Men will begin to stir in their sleep erratically but increasingly.

-- Notebooks Category 20: What Is Philosophy? >
Chapter 4: Its Realization Beyond Ecstasy > # 194
Paul Brunton

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