' This Nothing '...

"Let go this 'everywhere' and this 'everything' in exchange for this
'nowhere' and this 'nothing'.

Never mind if you cannot fathom this
nothing, for I love it surely so much better.

It is so worthwhile in
itself that no thinking about it will do it justice.

One can feel this
nothing more easily than see it, for it is completely dark and hidden to
those who have only just begun to look at it.

Yet to speak more
accurately, it is overwhelming spiritual light that blinds the soul that
is experiencing it, rather than actual darkness or the absence of
physical light.

Who is it then, who is it then, who is calling it 'nothing'?

Our outer self, to be sure, not our inner.

Our inner self calls it 'All',

for through it he is learning the secret of all things, physical and
spiritual alike, without having to consider every single one separately
on it's own."

-The Cloud of Unknowing

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