' Our Original Mind '...

Our Original Mind is always calm and serene. Waves of thought and perceptual appearances come and go. No appearance remains in our mind. The cognitive space in which these appearances come in go, remains calm and serene.

Experience through the secondary consciousness of mind, appears either on the subjective pole or on the objective pole; or both.

The subjective pole appearances of mind are: identity, "me", "selfness" and the "self-feeling".

The objective pole of the mind's appearances are: "other", "independent objects", "things", "persons" and independently existing entities.

In simply observing the arising and dissolution of the bi-polar appearances, its is noticed that the aware observing of these appearances doesn't "come and go". As consciousness orients more and more into this pure observingness, the subjective and objective appearances of mind at first become less dense and convincing. Eventually their empty and transparent nature is perceived.

Seeing this empty and transparent nature of subjective and objective appearances is the realization of two-fold emptiness.

That perception of two-fold emptiness is the way reality is experienced in the Original Mind.

Relax as the already present Original Mind: naturally aware, changeless and serene.

-Jackson Peterson

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