' Emptiness and Kadag '...

Without the mind itself seeing its own "kadag" (pristinely empty) nature through the intrinsic prajna of emptiness, reifications of all kinds will proliferate endlessly.

Prajna wisdom knows all thoughts, emotions, attachments, sensations, perceptions, objects, karma, vasanas, causes of suffering, identities, persons, loved ones, life forms, bodies and universes; are all empty, meaning they have never arisen because no cause for their arising has ever occurred. They are all no more than the mind's mistaken grasping for some sort of reliable solidity where none can be found at any time.

"All objects of the senses—visual, auditory, olfactory, gustatory, and tangible—as well as the objects of the mental sense power—in sum, all phenomena that appear to the six senses, are the object of negation. They’re all hallucinations. The entire world, even the Dharma path, hell, god realm, positive and negative karma, and enlightenment, were made up by your own mind. Your mind projected the hallucination of things existing from their own side.

This hallucination of inherent existence is the foundation. Then, on top of that, you pay attention to certain attributes and label “wonderful,” “horrible,” or “nothing much.” When you think, “He’s awful” and get angry, you label the person an enemy. Not aware that you created the enemy, you believe there is a truly existent one out there and project all sorts of other notions on him."

Lama Zopa on Prasangika View

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