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The Crown Chakra and Final Realization of Buddhahood in Dzogchen

"The reason for this is that the ushnisha (upper crown chakra) has no size, but pervades the ultimate expanse. When the mind dissolves into the chakra of the ushnisha (upper crown chakra), buddhahood is attained."

"In the teachings of the Great Perfection, the essence-drops are described as rising up, being piled vertically above the head (third vision). And when the mind dissolves into the chakra of the ushnisha (upper crown chakra) the “exhaustion” of phenomena in suchness (chos nyid zad sa, fourth thogal vision), buddhahood, is achieved."
From end notes of "The Treasury of Precious Qualities" by Jigme Lingpa

"Buddha’s ushnisha, the protuberance on the top of his head, is not made of flesh and blood, but represents the opening of the 'spacechakra'. It is also known as the “crown chakra of great bliss.” Khenchen Palden Sherab Rinpoche

From Dilgo Khyentse's The Heart of Compassion: Thirty Seven Verses on the Practice of a Boddhisattva (translated by the Padmakara Translation Group)

"The ushnisha (gtsug tor), or crown prominence, one of the major marks of a fullyenlightened Buddha, is usually represented in paintings and statues as a protuberance resembling a topknot in size, but is said to rise up from the top of a buddha's head to the infinity of space........... In the thogal practice of the Great Perfection, the ushnisha corresponds to the five-colored lights and buddhafields that manifest above one's head as the infinite display of sambhogakaya realization" (footnote 89, p. 248 Heart)."

This single post above is the most essential and secret teaching in Dzogchen. It's the key to understanding everything. Decipher it and ask questions as needed. This "space chakra" is our Mind of Clear Light.

If you close your eyes, just notice where your thoughts and day dreams are appearing. They are appearing in the emptiness of your awareness. Aren't they?

When you open your eyes, what you are seeing is also appearing inside your "head", because eyes can't see. The images you see are generated within your "empty" crown chakra along with sounds and all perceptions, thoughts, sense of self and feelings. They appear and disappear like momentary clouds in an empty sky.

Your true identity is that "empty aware space" in which all of life is appearing. You never change, have never changed and will never change. You are always a Buddha.

Let your active mind relax and dissolve into its own awake and aware emptiness; then this will be known.

-Jackson Peterson

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