' They will fall away '...

"When you fight a thing you antagonize it and it hits back. The harder you fight it, the harder it hits.

What you neglect, or, still better, ignore, begins to fade away or die by starvation.
When you give your attention to anything, you are building that thing into your Consciousness, for good or evil.

A wonderful story is told about William Penn. He had been accustomed from boyhood to carrying a sword at all times, because it was part of the dress of a gentleman at that period. One day it occurred to him that this was inconsistent with his Quakerism ; but on the other hand he knew that he would feel extremely embarrassed in going without it.
He consulted George Fox, never doubting that his leader would say, " It is a bad thing. You must stop wearing it."

George Fox, however did nothing of the kind, he was silent for a few moments, and then said , "Carry thy sword until thou canst no longer carry it."
A year or so later Penn felt that carrying it would be more embarrassing than going without it, and he discontinued to practice quite easily.

Do not tear away peoples crutches (or your own) . When they are no longer needed they will fall away. Dissolve the need.

Do not fight your rheumatism, or your debt, or your uncongenial job, or even your critical tongue ( if you have one ) but build health, prosperity , humor, into your consciousness and the unwanted things will disappear.

Re-read Phillipians 4:8
~Emmet Fox

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