' The illusion of ego '...

Ego is the illusion of a separate self that we have created to become separate gods..

This is of course both true and a lie..

We have the abilities to create the illusions of materiality by thought but we have forgotten that the source of this power is the non-ego within us..

the ego is the self that many of us believe that we are because we have collected a bundle of thoughts through multiple incarnations that we have formed into the imaginary being that we think that we are..

Since ego is the constant thought of this imaginary grouping of thoughts, we have become Self-ish, and selfishness is the opposite of Love..

Therefore, the Force and Unification of Love cannot contain an Ego..

This is why we have to relinquish this false ego to be blended into the Egolessness that is called God...

- thomas

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