' Free to feel '...

When there is identification with thought, the mind is trying to figure life out conceptually. It creates belief systems out of fear of the unknown. It defends its beliefs and tries to convince others that its beliefs are right. Identification with thought creates and maintains separation.

What the dualistic mind is ultimately doing is defending and strengthening a “me” that is based in fear. The mind rationalizes, justifies, blames, analyzes, and judges life as it is happening in some attempt to gain control and knowledge about what is happening. The mind believes that, in controlling, resisting, and knowing, the “me” will survive.

The “me” is a dream..

It stays alive only through constant identification with thought and emotion. The incessant mind activity keeps feelings from being felt directly. For example, in the moment a fearful thought arises, the actual fear in the body isn’t felt. When the fear isn’t felt, it fuels more thoughts about the future including about what will happen or how a scenario will turn out.

In liberation, identification with thought is gone. The “me” illusion is seen through. Therefore, the incessant movement to rationalize, justify, blame, analyze, believe, and judge dies. There is a freedom to feel directly whatever emotions arise without having to “think” them away. When there is a freedom to feel emotions directly, those emotions do not accumulate over time. They come and go freely. There is no “me” to hold onto them.

-Kiloby, Scott. Reflections of the One Life: Daily Pointers to Enlightenment

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