' Don’t believe what ‘spiritual teachers’ say '...

There is ultimately no such thing as a spiritual teacher or spiritual seeker until thought arises to tell that story of separation. The mind projects thoughts onto reality. We call this a 'building,' that a 'teacher,' this a 'Republican,' and that 'enlightenment.' That is a dream of thought. Nothing wrong with it. No need to deny it. It’s beautiful. But separation isn't ultimately true.

Notice the tendency to believe what so-called teachers say. Enlightenment is not a belief. It is not an idea that you memorize and carry around like a belief in Santa Claus. If you believe what teachers are saying, you will likely miss what is being pointed to. There are many expressions of this inexpressible realization. Getting caught up in comparing and contrasting the messages only keeps the mind in the false notion that ‘This’ can be grasped intellectually. The words are pointing beyond adherence to the words, to the immediate experiencing of what you are and what life is beyond your ideas about that.

“You” are a set of past thoughts, beliefs, opinions, perspectives, and feelings to which awareness has attached. When that separate self is seen through, there is only ‘This’—a totally alive mystery. The portal to ‘This’ is now. In this moment, the past is seen to be nothing more than presently arising thought. There is no way to teach what is. All spiritual teachings are past thoughts. Second-hand knowledge.

Kiloby, Scott. Reflections of the One Life: Daily Pointers to Enlightenment

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