' WAKE UP! '...

So you have tasted that drug
called a spiritual experience.
And now you want more.

Like any good junkie
you will give anything for your drug
and most likely you have.
When you do not have your drug
you feel the sting of withdrawal
from the pit of your stomach
to the racing
anxious thoughts
in your head.

How much would you give
to have another hit of transcendence
course through your entire being
bringing with it such sweet euphoria
and an ever deepening addiction?

If God would only mainline
non-ending transcendence
into your veins
you would never suffer withdrawal.
This is the hidden hope
of all spiritual junkies.

Here is the Truth:
The Truth is not an experience
or an idea.
The Truth is that you have been dreaming.
Wake Up!

There is no one to be enlightened or

~ Adyashanti
My Secret Is Silence

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