' Time and Space '...

... The ‘I’ that you seem to be is both the creator and perceiver (there’s only wholeness). A creator that has not been created but just IS! When you can ‘arrive’ at such a total moment of knowing, where are you then? One is at once here and now, and yet nowhere at all! - thus completely divorced from time and space.

All this had become clear to me when I experienced the Supersentience Light. ‘My existence’ that seems so real to me is also extremely nebulous, ethereal, whereas what is ‘solid’ is spirit itself. Clarity brings the reverse of what you had formerly believed.

On the deepest level, existence and non-existence are seen to be the same. I see clearly there is no space and time as such because that would imply separation. Time and space have to be an illusion because of one simple fact - I am aware of time and space!

This awareness of time and space is not only a fact but also the recognition that the awareness of it is not bound in time and space. My awareness of time and space is proof to me that ‘I AM’ is not bound by time and space. After all, how can ‘awareness’ be locked intime? Isn’t it the only changeless thing then? Awareness is timeless and I am that!

I am the dream of the Universe and, simultaneously, I am the subject of the dream. I am at once the creator of everything and I am everything created. I am the beginning and the end and yet beginningless and endless - I am my origin and the result of everything created and uncreated - I am the Self!

-Burt Harding

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