' Known as Thomas '...

The person known as Thomas is not my Self, It is only a nomenclature or an identification number as a means of division from others and God..

This individuality is an illusion of the false ego and belief in this individuality keeps us from the Truth that We and God are One..

Once this false belief is eliminated by dissolving the belief in the false self, We may proclaim as Jesus did;" I and the Father are One"..

your personality is a reflection of the treatment of you by others , the teaching that you receive from others, and your thoughts and memories..

As Gautama said;" You are your thoughts"..

God is Spirit and Unconditional Love..

These two main qualities are experienced by those that surrender the belief in the false ego and return to Reality..

This experience is called Enlightenment or Unity with Divine Consciousness..

This is also called "Being Born Again", as You experience the feeling of just being born at that moment of Realization of non-division of Reality..

The image of God is Spirit and Love..

Since God is everything that does Exist, there is nothing that is not God..

Therefore, We and God are One and have always been One, but, our free will can counteract this Truth and leave us in the state of ignorance and pain, which is called the belief in the separate ego...

- thomas

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