' Being and Non-being '...

“We work with being, but non-being is what we use”.

AS THE MIND realizes itself, it stops identifying with
its own thoughts. This leaves a lot of open space.

A mature mind can entertain any idea; it is never
threatened by opposition or conflict, because it
knows that it can't be hindered.

When it has no position to defend or identity to protect, it can go anywhere. There's never anything to lose, because
there's no- ‘thing’ that exists in the first place.
Laughter pours out of it and tears of gratitude,
from the experience of its own nature.

Everything appears to come into me. I watch and witness what comes out of me. I'm the center of everything. I hear opinions and concepts, and because there's no I to identify as, I take it all in as being, and everything that comes out of the experience has been bathed in non-being, has been deleted and put out again.

- Byron Katie

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