' A thing apart '...

Clearly, awareness cannot know itself as a "thing apart".

It is not an object to itself, any more than being is an object to itself. You ARE yourself.

That fact cannot be doubted at any time.

That doubtless fact is the basis of all subsequent experiencing.

Awareness is self-shining, self-radiant, self-existent.

Even before "knowing I am", I must be there as that to which that recognition happens.

It is like the eye. It can never see itself.

Yet one does not doubt having eyes. Non-conceptual being-awareness is similar.

It can never be known as an object. On the other hand, it cannot be unknown either, also because it is not object.

Yet no one ever doubts himself or herself in the equation. All the states and appearances, even sleep, the moments between thoughts, etc., happen in what you are.

Even consciousness and unconsciousness are states rotating through the constancy of your undeniable existence.

It is the ever-present space or backdrop for everything.

The "everything" has no substance or independent existence outside of this, so in essence the "everything" is this also.

It is so obvious, simple and self-evident that we keep overlooking it. It is the radiant space in which all of life appears.

-John Wheeler

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