' Path versus no path '...

Non-duality teachings state that there is no path to ‘This.’

To the self, there appears to be a path.

The spiritual seeker “thinks up” and maintains the self each time the “I” thought is believed.

That seeker can even experience the sense of moving closer in time to 'This' as she measures and compares the degree to which there appears to be a self now to the degree to which there appeared to be a self in the past.

The path arises only through that measuring and comparing.

Before the shift in perception called enlightenment, the mind interprets 'This' in terms of a separate self living along a time-based path.

In the shift in perception, the self and the path fall away “together” because the path is the self.

Is there a path or not?

When the mind interprets life from the relative perspective, there is a self, and therefore a path.

When the mind interprets from the absolute perspective, there is no self, and therefore no path.

See what the dualistic mind is doing?

It is looking for a place to land in that dualism of path v. no path.

It believes that if it finds somewhere to land conceptually, it has the truth.

But the truth is not conceptual. It is actual.

It is life itself, appearing in whatever form it appears right now.

The “truth” is in every experience and every perspective.

Kiloby, Scott. Reflections of the One Life: Daily Pointers to Enlightenment

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