' Higher Reason '...

Discrimination, analysis, and contemplation aren't merely theoretical or intellectual; they belong to the overall process that Atmananda calls "higher reason" (which he provides traditional Vedantic terms for: vidya-vritti or viveka-vritti).

Higher reason is "reason" because it proceeds similarly to logic and inference.

It's "higher" because its source is awareness itself.

It transcends the mind.

In higher reason, premises are not learned concepts but the experiences of your own being, which can't seem unreasonable.

The conclusion of higher reasoning is a non-conceptal knowledge of your true nature.

Higher reason allows you to do self-inquiry without getting caught in the logical paradox of a mind trying to realize its own unreality.

That would be like a knife trying to cut itself. Because higher reason emanates from a source beyond the mind, it can examine the mind to discover its true nature.

-Greg Goode After Awareness p.90-1

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