' Do I really need it ?'...

It is the clinging to the false that makes the true so
difficult to see.

Once you understand that the false
needs time and what needs time is false, you are nearer
the Reality, which is timeless, ever in the now.

in time is mere repetitiveness, like the movement of a

It flows from the past into the future endlessly,
as empty perpetuity.

Reality is what makes the present
so vital, so different from the past and future, which are
merely mental.

If you need time to achieve something,
it must be false.

The real is always with you; you need
not wait to be what you are.

Only you must not allow your
mind to go out of yourself in search.

When you want
something, ask yourself: do I really need it? and if the
answer is no, then just drop it.

- Nisargadatta Maharaj

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