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Yesterday’s reflection discussed the great unknown—a realization in which the "one who knows" is seen to be an illusion, leaving only ‘This.”

The thought-based self that reads that last statement may believe that, in allowing the great unknown to be realized, it will be paralyzed into inaction or an inability to use the mind for practical purposes. This is a common misunderstanding.

For example, take the act of fixing a computer. When there is a belief in the thought-based self ‘doing’ the fixing, frustration can arise very quickly. This frustration is then held onto—played out in a story of time.

Pretty soon the mind is complaining within a dream of time. It might say, “My son should have fixed this yesterday” or “I will never get this damn thing fixed!” Do you see the story of separation and suffering in that dream?

When the thought-based self is seen through and life is lived in the unknown, there is no one doing the ‘fixing.’ There is still conceptual knowledge being used to fix the computer. Action is still taken. But there is no one demanding life to happen in a certain way.

If frustration arises, it arises to no one. There is no carrying that frustration over into a story of time about how the computer should have been fixed yesterday or about how it may take days before it’s fixed. There is only ‘life’ fixing a computer.

-Kiloby, Scott. Reflections of the One Life: Daily Pointers to Enlightenment

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