' When two become One '...

We come to the spiritual search because a lot of thinking is happening. The mind is lost in the story of “me” and everything that is happening to “me.” It can be confusing and painful. Then a spiritual teaching points us to an inner non-conceptual awareness. An incredible peace and freedom is realized when there is a shift from attachment to everything to a realization of pure awareness or emptiness.

We can get stuck in pure awareness though. We can find ourselves in the realization that nothing is happening. We realize a beautiful nothingness. And yet . . . isn’t that just another point of reference, another dualistic point which is opposite of the point of reference of everything? If we identify too strongly with the notion of being no self or pure awareness, we are stuck again. The dualistic mind has found another position. It is dwelling in the idea of absence.

Liberation is no longer mentally fixating on one idea within a set of polar opposites: non-conceptual awareness v. concepts, emptiness v. form, nothing v. everything. This is when thought and awareness dance together in one seamless dance, when there is no preference for either. Nothing is seen to be appearing as everything. This is when there is a collision of emptiness and form, of nothing and everything, and all that is left is the love and mystery of what is.

-Kiloby, Scott. Reflections of the One Life: Daily Pointers to Enlightenment

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