' The universe, which is multiple '...

One body lies in one place and one in another, one is here, another there, and some are in opposite positions, others are separated from each other in other ways.

But soul is not like that, and does not make things live by being cut up into a part of itself for each one, but all things live by the whole [soul], and all [soul] is present everywhere, made like to the father who generated it with regard to unity and ubiquity.

And the universe which is multiple, having one part here and another there, is one by [soul’s] power, and through [soul] this cosmos is a god. And the sun is a god because it is ensouled, and the other stars, and we ourselves, if anything [is a god] at all.... [Perl translation]

Comment: Quoting from the Eric Perl translation because I think he renders Plotinus' thought more clearly here; particular phrasings highlighted for emphasis.

And the related Paul Brunton quote:

"The God in the sun is the `I' in me"--this put tersely is the essence of man's relationship to divinity. A whole book may be needed to explain it, a whole lifetime to get direct experience of its truth as insight.

-- Notebooks Category 25: World-Mind in Individual Mind >
Chapter 1: Their Meeting and Interchange

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