' The Unchanging Awareness '...

The Absolute is not depending on anything
for its own existence.

It shines by its own light.

Even in the darkest moment it is here.

Mind may tell you in those moments,
‘But it’s not the same as it was!’
But you don’t need the same-same of anything.

This is the only unchanging one; everything else changes.

This is your light in the darkest moment.

This is your light in the lightest moment.

This is the one thing that cannot leave you.

If everything in the world leaves you, This cannot leave,
because it is essentially what you are, where you are,
and what you have always been.

The different ways
that you have perceived yourself as personality
are only the garments you wear for a while.

Garments of time, growth and change
worn over the I-am-ness for a time.

All these change, naturally and necessarily.

Even the beautiful I-am-ness itself
finally becomes God's scuba suit
worn over the Unchanging Awareness.

- Mooji

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