' Svabhavikakaya '...

From the point of view of absolute truth, phenomena have no actual entity. What we think of as 'I’, 'my body’, 'my mind’, 'my name’, have no real existence. Other beings have no real existence either, whether they be dangerous enemies or loving parents. ...

Even if one were to separate the skin, the flesh, the muscles and the blood, of the body, where would the mind be found?

Is it in the flesh or in the bone, etc? Nothing will be found, for the mind itself is void.

The fact that the mind is by nature empty, that it is nevertheless the place where phenomena appear, and that it is beyond origination and is therefore unceasing — this inseparable union of the three kayas is called the Svabhavikakaya.

- Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche - Enlightened Courage - Shambhala Publications

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