' The Power of Love '...

The Nazarene would cure Lepers and manifest fish and bread..

Through, the Creative Power of Thought, holograms are created..

This range of Thought originates from 'Pure Awareness' and Creates this 'Builder' of Dreams..

This Consciousness of Creation is called 'Divine Consciousness' and surprisingly is "US'..

The 'Master Mind' of 'Divine Consciousness' is called 'Father' by many Mystics..

Although, the 'Light' of Divine Consciousness is also US, a higher 'Thinker' is heard..

This 'Master Mind' has no gender and will be seen and understood as a 'Teacher of Dreams'..

The same Thoughts eminate from this Voice as the Voice of the Miracle Worker..

The difference that I have noticed is that the 'Master Mind' will ask if you desire to return to the Dream..

To leave the complete state of Love within Divine Consciousness and return into the Hell of Duality called Life is difficult and can only be accomplished by the desire of Love...


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