' Humanity is Awakening '...

As an Awake Consciousness, you are quite aware of the duality of knowledge within the Dream..

The Luciferian argument that we are all gods is the education of modernity..

This promise of the Luciferian and Satanic souls confuse the ego into the state of pain and separation..

But, mainly, this is held within the ruling elite..

They are doomed by their desires to remain within the wheel of reincarnation..

That is the eternal life that has been promised to them..

To remain slaves and power sources of negative energy to entities that are trapped within darkness..

So many remain within false dreams and desires..

To be 'Truly Born' is the Realization of Self..

Self exists as Divine Consciousness and is permeated with the energy called Love..

Choose Love or choose self-serving,

That is why, you are here...


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