' Be honest to the core '...

"Do you know that Jesus told his disciples, "Leave everything and follow me"?

Now, if I were to tell you this, your mind would fluctuate.

It will think, "Is it true? Is it like Jesus? Is Baba right or wrong?"

So unless and until you are wholeheartedly prepared to follow someone who you think true, like Jesus, the best thing for you would be not to submit to anyone.

Just go on following the inner voice.

Can you surrender absolutely to Baba?

Just ask yourself.

Be honest to the very core.

If not, do not bother about it."

Meher Baba
16 May 1952, Myrtle Beach
in Bal Natu
Glimpses of the God-Man
Myrtle Beach: Sheriar Press, v. 3, p. 38-39

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