' The timeless unknown '...

It is sometimes said in non-duality meetings or books that there is nothing you can do to bring about enlightenment (i.e., Oneness) or that there is no one there to do anything. The words non-duality, Oneness, and enlightenment are just empty images pointing to the fact that life is already happening. It’s already happening now. There is no path to what already is. The person who would set out to do something is a dream of thought, a dream of time, arising in the unknown, the timeless.

Within that dream, the notions of choice, control, and cause and effect arise. But when the dream is seen through, what is realized is what already is. No choice and no control. How can one control or bring about what is already happening? What is realized cannot be grasped or explained by the intellect because the intellect is merely an expression of it. Clear concepts and unclear concepts are both ‘This.’ There is nothing that ‘This’ is not.

‘This’ is the timeless unknown from which time and knowing arise and fall. It cannot be realized through thought and time because thought and time are just temporary images arising and falling. They are part of the dream. Yet 'This' is so immediately here. It is absolutely real. It is all there is. You are not a person who is separate from it and who can then somehow find it. You are it. Now.

-Kiloby, Scott. Reflections of the One Life: Daily Pointers to Enlightenment

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