'The Power of Divine Consciousness '...

The Nazarene would walk from village to village as a itinerant preacher..

Knowing that He was Divine Consciousness, gave him the authority and power to change the hologram..

He taught this power to his students called apostles..

They called It, 'knowing the name of God'..

The Irony of mysticism is that there is no name for Pure Awareness , as It has no personality to demand the nomenclature of separation called name..

To heal the sick and to demand that earthbound spirits leave the body is dangerous for the novice and laborious for the master..

But, this Preacher of Love could demand observance and the illusions would flee..

This 'Dream' is Entertainment,

remain the 'observer' and not the 'Actor'..

As the Nazarene said;

" Be in this world, but not of it "...


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