' The seeking energy '...

You listen to a spiritual teacher talk about having a quiet mind. That sounds wonderful. So as you set out to reach a state of no thought or less thought, the seeking begins .

Only thought would seek a state of no thought. Thought gets busy looking for something other than simple, ordinary, spacious, timeless awareness. Thought is seeking the end of itself. Thought cannot bring the end of thought.

The point of seeking, if there is any, is not to reach some later state of quietness or no thought. It is to expose the seeking energy. See that the very idea that you must reach a state of no thought is a thought arising now. That thought is apparently obscuring the quietness that is already here.

In the spiritual search, if there is a genuine looking, it can be seen that “you” are merely a thought arising now. The notions of future enlightenment, peace, silence or stillness are also just presently arising ideas.

The idea of “you” is chasing other ideas. In noticing this seeking energy, it is realized that every thought arises right now from quietness. You are this quietness that is appearing as every thought.

In this seeing, there is no longer a desire to be rid of thought. There is only what is, whether it’s a moment of pure awareness without thought or a moment of incessant thinking.

-Kiloby, Scott. Reflections of the One Life: Daily Pointers to Enlightenment

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