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This love
As awareness is realized to be what you truly are, the story of you as a separate self falls away. Awareness is unconditional love. This love is that which is looking from your eyes right now. You cannot find this love in time or get it from others. It is what you are. This love loves the whole of life because it is the whole seeing itself through the vessel of the individual body and mind. In that seeing, there is no longer an investment in making things personal.

This love is not like romantic love or other kinds of conditional, attached love. Attached, conditional love exists within the field of opposites. It is all about the separate self. As a separate self, you want someone to give you what you think you need from them. As long as the person gives you what you seek, love is there. But the moment the person fails to give back the personal gratification you are seeking from the relationship, the love turns to an opposite feeling of anger or even hate.

The unconditional love that is being spoken of here is unattached and unconditional. It is already whole. It loves regardless of what happens. It isn’t seeking anything from the other because it sees no other. It sees only love. The movement of seeking personal gratification in relationships is the separate self sense. As that movement releases, unconditional love is realized.

Kiloby, Scott. Reflections of the One Life: Daily Pointers to Enlightenment

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