' Rigpa '...

Rigpa is never lost and it is never not rigpa. The very ground of our being is pervasive, self-exisiting, empty, primordial awareness. But each of us must ask ourselves whether we know this primordial awareness directly or are we distracted from it by the movement of the temporal mind? And each of us must answer for ourselves; no one can tell us the answer.

When we are involved in internal processes, we are not in rigpa, for rigpa has no process. Process is the function of the conceptual moving mind; rigpa is effortless. Rigpa is like the early morning sky: pure, expansive, spacious, clear, awake, fresh, and quiet... these are the qualities against which the teachings suggest the practitioner check his or her experience.

- Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, from The Tibetan Yogas Of Dream and Sleep,

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