' The illusion of separation '...

Spiritual practices die on their own.

Before you pray or meditate this morning, ask yourself this question: Is it true that peace is not already here in this moment?

As you begin to ask that question seriously, you may start to see certain beliefs pop up that are keeping you locked into the idea that you are somehow separate from peace, God, enlightenment or whatever it is you are seeking. The idea of separateness is entirely thought-created.

You literally think into existence the notion that there is a “you” separate from that which you seek. You dream up the idea that you must do something before you can attain something else. In that way, you give yourself more time, which just means more mind. Time is mind. Investigate this for yourself. Notice that you cannot entertain the thought of future attainment without thinking.

Do you see the thoughts that tell you that you need to pray or meditate in order to achieve something? Those thoughts are the only thing obscuring the realization that peace is all there is. God is all there is. Enlightenment is all there is. Under the movements of seeking towards the concepts of peace, God, or enlightenment, the actual truth to which those words are pointing is already here now. Spiritual practices die on their own when it is realized that there is nothing you could ever do to get closer to the divine. You are not separate from it.

-Kiloby, Scott. Reflections of the One Life: Daily Pointers to Enlightenment

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