' Gazing as Dzogchen '...

1. We look through the mind and we gaze within awareness…becoming aware of awareness is the path of gazing (whether eyes or open or closed)…we can gaze into awareness and we are immediately the field, the field of being. If we look and look for awareness with our mind only blankness arises, a blank state.

Sunyata, primordial knowingness is not blankness, it is not blanking out. As we become aware of awareness we enter the gaze, we become the place of the gaze…this gazing from within awareness opens the multidimensionalness….the different dimensions of the field manifest within the gaze, within us. The gaze is both within us and beyond us. Within the gaze, there is neither simple inside nor simple outside. The gaze is place...a vast place beyond inside and outside.

There are many forms of gazing. At times we gaze through the eyes of the mind, (heart channels), we can gaze through the entire body, and we can gaze through the heart essence, hridayam. We can gaze through touch, we can gaze through sound, and we gaze through sight. We can gaze into various phenomena…all directly…unmediated…we can gaze into sky, we can gaze into death, we can gaze in the pre-personal, gazing into soma, gazing into the elements, gazing into the dakini, the vortexual, the element of flesh, we gaze into psyche…the gaze itself is psyche, not mind.

Gazing both leads to and is gnosis, jnana…direct perception. Togal, the leaping over practice, is not simply gazing into the sky - although sky gazing is its cultural and historical elaboration. If you wish to live in gnosis then gaze…gazing is the most direct of methods…the gazing methods of Dzogchen are often secret and protected.

-Rudolph bauer

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