Take what comes...

"Take what comes.

Be contented and cheerful.

Never worry.

Not a leaf moves,

but by His consent and will."

Sai Baba of Shirdi
in Antonio Rigopoulos
_The Life and Teachings of Sai Baba of Shirdi_
Delhi: Sri Satguru Publications, 1993, p. 295

Drops in the Ocean...

The ocean itself is one big drop, but it is also made
of small drops; many little drops put together become
an ocean.

But actually, in the ocean, the drops don't
exist; they are one integral whole.

So, you may say there
are no drops in the ocean, yet you can say it is made up
of drops.

Both notions are correct.

Actually, the drops
in the ocean are only conceptual.

The mind says that
there are many parts.

Ideas move the world.

- Swami Krishnananda

Longing to return...

For once you have tasted flight,

you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards,

for there you have been,

and there you will long to return.

Leonardo Da Vinci

Direct Realization...

"The nature of the self is consciousness.

knowledge and bliss.

It can be known by direct realization."

Sri Shankaracharya
"The Century of Verses"
_Select Works of Sri Sankaracharya_
Tr. by S. Venkataramanan
Madras: G. A. Natesan. 1921, p. 87

You are Awakening...

Think back a year ago..

Are you the same consciousness that existed then?..

You have raised your consciousness and are seeing Reality..

Reality is not this dream..

Reality is the Energy of Love..

You have been told of Reality from the great Spiritual Leaders..

But, you have made then into ceremonies, beads, and prayers to an unknown source..

But, now you are aware that there is no division between You and Reality..

The 'Powers that Be' are frightened by your Awakening..

They no longer have control over your soul..

You are beyond soul..

You are the Creator and Dreamer of the soul of manifestations..

You are no longer single and fearful..

You are Love...

namaste, thomas

Cancer Cured in 3 Minutes - Awesome Presentation by Gregg Braden

The uplifting power of bad...

Whoever tries to annoy you intentionally or otherwise is trying to hurt and control you with your own anger..

Respond only with patience and whatever thought or deed that shall come forth out of your center of calmness..

Be glad when people are rude or unkind, for here is your opportunity to overlook..

If there were no danger, you could not possess courage..

If there were no hate or temptation, how could you develop love and virtue?..

These people are giving you the opportunity to accomplish now what you failed to do before..

The situation which once made you upset,guilty, and afraid will become the very things to give you happiness and well-being from now on....

.....As Jesus said:" forgive our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us"...

Vernon Howard

What are We?...

The short answer is that We are Nothing..

The Long answer is that We are Everything..

Can you imagine being the Energy called Love?..

This is what We Are..

Love is the Energy of non-duality..

There is no ego within Love..

At this point, you are beginning to understand Nothingness..

Love is Nothingness..

Love has no attachments to desires..

Not even existence..

Give All to receive All..

This is the Secret..

Surrender All desire for existence..

You heard me correctly..

Surrender all to receive all..

Love has no name..

God has no name..

It is as easy as this...

namaste, thomas

five billion souls...

There are more than five billion souls that seek Truth and yet only ten thousand that enter this blog..

I place no Teacher above another..

All Teachers are actually Us, when we understand Reality..

There will be many that will remain trapped within the lie that they must return to the Dreams..

They will continue to search for Freedom and will meet many other souls of Knowledge that will lead them in circles..

A soul is an individualized vision of seeking..

You are the Seeker..

What are you seeking?..

You are seeking a reason for existence..

You as Pure Awareness do not know what You Are..

Can you imagine, the Creator of All, being in a state of confusion?..

Can you imagine being in darkness and dreaming of the opposite?..

"Let there be Light", said the Awareness..

And Light was found to be good..

Light is "YOU", as Divine Consciousness and Creator of the Dreams of Manifestation..

Have these question marks not awakened You, yet?..

namaste, thomas

Van Morrison - Live '73 It's Too Late to Stop Now (All LP)


Spirit tells me to speak of songs..

Why do we sing?..

They are mantras', they are thoughts..

Why do we exhale air to transfer thoughts?..

Air is energy as We are Energy..

It is energy melding with energy..

All is Energy!..

We believe that what we see is real, but it is energy..


Matter is non-existent, All is Energy..

Air is Energy..

Thought is Energy..

Do you now understand that songs are energy?..

Energy is the creative experience of Divine Consciousness that most call God..

We are not advanced enough to speak mind to mind and therefore,

must use the vibrations of air to transfer knowledge,

which we call language..

When it is melodious, we call it music and song...

namaste, thomas

Awareness of Love...

"When you desire to eat or drink, or fulfill other worldly desires, and you focus your awareness on the love of God, then you elevate that desire to spiritual desire.

Thereby you draw out the holy spark that dwells within.

You bring forth holy sparks from the material world.

There is no path greater than this.

For wherever you go and whatever you do -- even mundane activities -- you serve God."

Levi Yitshak of Berditchev
in Daniel C. Matt
_The Essential Kabbalah:
The Heart of Jewish Mysticism_
NY: Quality Paperbacks, 1995, p. 151

Seeker of Truth...

To a visitor who described himself as a seeker after
Truth the Master said,

"If what you seek is Truth,
there is one thing you must have above all else."

"I know. An overwhelming passion for it."

"No. An unremitting readiness to admit you may be wrong."

Anthony de Mello, SJ

When the search ends...

There is an ending of the desire to know that is true ending. And there is an ending of the desire to know that is not true, that is not the realization of your true nature. A pseudo ending.
One is real experiential ending, the other is a mental attitude, that has not pierced through the depth of ignorance.

When you confuse the two, you mistake conceptual understanding with the experiential revelation that ends the search. The search leads to the unshakable establishment in peace, joy and happiness. The divine qualities of the Self.

You can convince yourself that no-seeking is necessary and you can have lots of followers agreeing with you, but you will not have the peace and happiness that your heart seeks. You cannot impart it onto your followers. You are like a barren duck that cannot bear any ducklings. This is the path of the lazy, spoiled brats that want it the easy way.

Many settle for this interim conceptual understanding and preach that there is nothing to know. They preach that seeking is duality and that there is no need to seek. Some of the words they speak are correct, but are not backed up by their revelation, They are like parrots.
They stop their contemplation before their seeking has truly ended and believe they are arrived. They become teachers of 'no-seeking' but cannot reveal the perfume of the divine.

When sages speak of no-seeking or when they speak of the end of seeking, they are speaking after they have reached that point where seeking has actually ended. They are not speaking about abandoning the search prematurely.

The search ends when you are established in the freedom, peace and happiness. Only this revelation is the true ending of the quest.

To know that you don't know is not the end result. It is an important interim point.
To know what you are is a totally different matter! It is a living experiential wholesome knowing. The wisdom of the divine revelation is not conceptual mental knowledge, it is not a belief system. The revelation of your true nature is the real fourth of July!

Magdi Em Be

Death is Waking Up!...

You are Awakening from the dream of physical manifestation..

If you still believe, as most do, that you are a separate entity or soul,
you will find yourself within a higher or lower dimension..

Most souls do not know that They are The Creator of the Dreams..

You create the Dreams and become part of the Dreams..

Upon death, you awaken from this dream and enter another one called Reincarnation,
if you are still within the mental state of separation or duality..

Your mind determines your future, this section of deepest mind is called the 'sub-conscious mind'..

What if, you abandoned the mind..

Where would You Be?..

The mind is the ego..

You would be beyond ego..

You would Truly Awaken..

You would be Light, Love, and Consciousness..

You would Know Yourself to Be,

Divine Consciousness...

namaste, thomas

Pete Seeger, Judy Collins, Arlo Guthrie & Fred Hellerman - This Land Is ...

The Banjo is silent...

Yesterday, a neighbor of mine died..

He spent his life playing a banjo and singing songs of hope and pain..

He always stayed the common man that chopped his own firewood only a few days ago..

At ninety-four years old, this was an example of the mental and physical strength of the man..

He is back within the Light of Divine Consciousness as he had left the prison of Karma , many years ago..

Travel on, Pete Seeger , Toshi is waiting..

With Love,
Namaste, thomas

The Presence of Reality...

"Only in the degree that you live consciously in the realization of God and let this realization of God dwell within you does it become true that you do not live alone --

that the place whereon you stand is holy ground, and God is with you and He will never leave you or forsake you.

"Every person who has known dissatisfaction, incompleteness, and frustration will some day learn that there is only one missing link in this entire chain of harmonious living.

That is the practice of the the presence of God --

consciously, daily, hourly, abiding in some great spiritual truth, and it makes no difference which scripture: Christian, Hebrew, Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist, or Moslem."

Joel S. Goldsmith
_Practicing the Presence_
HarperSanFrancisco, 1991 (1958), p. 11

The Unity of Love...

"The minute I heard my first love story
I started looking for you,

not knowing how blind that was.

Lovers don't finally meet somewhere.

They're in each other all along."

Mevlana Jelaluddin Rumi
from _Open Secret: Versions of Rumi_
Translated by Coleman Barks & John Moyne

The Paradox...

It comes to this paradox--

that the farther they travel on the path of ego-effort,

the farther they move from their goal,

and the less they try to approach their Source,

the closer they come to it!..

Paul Brunton

What are you here?...

Whatever is perceived is arising inside yourself only,

and when it departs, you are still here to witness its

Reflect: As what are you here?

see if that which is perceiving everything can be

Can it be perceived?

The answer, if there is one,
cannot be merely mental, intellectual or theoretical.

must be a deep insight or direct experience,

for anything
less will not satisfy deeply.

There is no question in the
human kingdom that is more important than this one.

- Mooji

The Soul-Power...

The brain speaks through words; the heart in the glance of the eyes; and the soul through a radiance that charges the atmosphere, magnetizing all.

Bowl of Saki, by Hazrat Inayat Khan

Commentary by Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan:

The phenomena of the radiance of the soul are apparent to the student of the human body. The body with its perfect mechanism loses power, magnetism, beauty, and brightness, when the soul departs from the body. This shows that the power, magnetism, beauty, and brightness belong to the soul.

As the brain is the instrument of the mind, which is invisible, and the heart of flesh is the vehicle of the heart within, which is above substance, so it is the illumination of the soul, our invisible being, whose light is reflected within this physical body. When active it beams through the eyes, through the radiance of the countenance, charging the whole environment with a magnetic atmosphere.

Every soul radiates an influence which charges the atmosphere all around. The more powerful the influence the wider it spreads, forcing its way even through walls. There is no barrier of water or space which can keep that influence from spreading. The stronger the influence the longer it lasts. ... Atmosphere is a silent music. It has its effect upon the listener, exciting or peaceful, whatever it may be.

The heart of man is like a globe over the light of the soul. When the globe is dusty, naturally the light is dim. When it is cleaned, the light increases. In fact, the light is always the same. It is the fault of the globe when it is not clear. When this radiance shines out, it shows itself not only through the countenance and expression of a man, but even in the man's atmosphere. The soul-power, so to speak, freely projects outward, and the surroundings feel it.

Clear Vision...

The light of consciousness passes through the film of memory and throws pictures on your brain.

Because of the deficient and disorded state of your brain, what you perceive is distorted and coloured by feelings of like and dislike.

Make your thinking orderly and free from emotional overtones, and you will see people and things as they are, with clarity and charity.

To see reality is as simple as to see one's face in a mirror.

Only the mirror must be clear and true.

A quiet mind, undistorted by desires and fears, free from ideas and opinions, clear on all the levels, is needed to reflect the reality. Be clear and quiet, alert and detached, all else will happen by iteself.

[Your world] is true in essence but not in appearance. Be free of desires and fears and at once your vision will clear and you shall see all things as they are..

Nisargadatta Maharaj from I Am That

Satsang with Mooji in New York City ◦ 28th of October 2007

selfless compassion...

The momentary glimpse of the true self is not the ultimate experience.

There is another yet more wonderful lying ahead.

In this he will be bound by invisible hoops of wide selfless compassion to all living creatures.

The detachment will be sublimated, taken up into a higher level,

where the universal Unity will be truly felt.

Paul Brunton

Happiness is only inside...

To find permanent joy, you must look in the right
direction. You will not find it in any outside object.
Every object will rise, stay, and then cease.

have to look somewhere else for permanent, eternal
joy. Don't attribute joy to something else, be it a person,
the sun, moon, or stars.

Stop this tendency of going to outside objects,
whatever they may be. Stop your mind from going
in any direction outside.

Then you must return to your
inner beauty. That is your own nature: bliss eternal,
which you have never felt.

- Papaji

Sonic Geometry: The Language of Frequency and Form

There is no matter...

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe,

think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

– Nikola Tesla


“What we have called matter is energy,

whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses.

There is no matter.”

– Albert Einstein

" You alone exist"...

"You alone exist, I do not, O Beloved!"

"Repeating the name of the Beloved

I have become the Beloved myself.

Whom shall I call the Beloved now?"

Bulleh Shah
in J.R. Puri and T.R. Shangari
The Life of Bulleh Shah

Talks with Ramana...

Language is only a medium for communicating one’s thoughts to
another. It is called in only after thoughts arise;

other thoughts arise
after the ‘I-thought’ rises; the ‘I-thought’ is the root of all conversation.

When one remains without thinking one understands another by means
of the universal language of silence.

Silence is ever-speaking; it is a perennial flow of language; it is interrupted
by speaking. These words obstruct that mute language.

There is electricity
flowing in a wire. With resistance to its passage, it glows as a lamp or
revolves as a fan. In the wire it remains as electric energy. Similarly also,
silence is the eternal flow of language, obstructed by words.

What one fails to know by conversation extending to several years
can be known in a trice in Silence, or in front of Silence - e.g.,
Dakshinamurti, and his four disciples.

That is the highest and most effective language.

from Talks with Ramana

Hold on to nothing...

There is only One reality dreaming all dreams.
YOU are this reality.

It is the I-thought that maintains the fixation with a seemingly separate person. Uproot the I-thought by not feeding it and the clarity of being is restored.

Your first experience is pure and un-adulterated. Although it is veiled by the I-thought and by the me-feelings, experience is non-dual in nature. This is available for you to realize.

Without any aids, without relying on thought and without relying on any interpretation, look directly at your experience, notice its non-dual nature. Hold on to nothing.

The light of awareness reveals the freedom that you are and dissolves the illusion of separation.

Magdi Em Be

Spirit keeps telling me to speak..

But, what will I speak of?..

Spirit tells me to speak from the voice of Heart..

I can only say that our lives are short even if they appear long at youth..

These lives that appear so real are only dreams of adventure..

We see both good and bad and decide which path to follow..

We have religions that are mired in corruption that lead us into darkness..

What are we to believe?..

Perhaps, we are to believe nothing and accept nothing..

Perhaps, we are to find the answers completely by ourselves..

What are the answers that we seek?..

We feel the desire to attract the energy called Love..


The answer is of course, that it makes us feel good..

'Feel Good'..

These two words will decide your destiny..

Feeling Good is the Energy called Love..

Love is the state of non-egoic consciousness..

Do you understand yet, these words?...

namaste, thomas

Will The Circle Be Unbroken (+playlist)

the amazing experiment...

Can We as God, dissolve into illusion?..

We have!..

Memory is a function of the mind..

What if, We were above the mind..

What is left?..

The answer is Consciousness..

You are Consciousness..

So far, so good..

You keep looking at the body and mind as 'You'..

And yet, you are here..

I will tell you a secret..

There are no secrets! ..

All is known within Consciousness..

Soft music is playing while you read these words..

You search within these words for a return ticket to Happiness..

It is not the words that return You Home,

It is the end of words that are the Vehicle..

I speak of Happiness and Home , often..

Are You ready to return?..

Keep Awake..

This is the Map...

namaste, thomas

vanishing into Love...

"The man to whom is unveiled the mystery of Love,

Exists no longer,

but vanishes into love."

Mevlana Jelaluddin Rumi
"Seizing My Life In Your Hands, You Thrashed Me Clean"
in Andrew Harvey
_The Way of Passion: A Celebration of Rumi_

Guidelines for Life...

Guidelines to Life:

Show up;
Pay attention:
Tell the truth;
Don’t judge;
Be compassionate;
Express silent gratitude to everyone for
showing up in your dream. (After all, they’re
only here to support your own awakening.)

Above all, don’t be attached to the results of
your efforts.

There are only two real choices:

1) Resist what shows up for you in life
and then, grudgingly, finally learn to accept it,


2) Consciously chose what shows up for
you in life and then, lovingly, embrace it being
just as it is.

- Chuck Hillig

` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` `
Seeds for the Soul
Chuck Hillig
Black Dot Publications, 2003

the same ocean...

"Mystics and schizophrenics find themselves in the same ocean,

but the mystics swim whereas the schizophrenics drown."

R. D. Laing

Why are we here?...

We are here to find happiness and freedom..

how do we find these elusive

by following the paths and maps given to us by those that have
traveled this road before us..

what have they found that we have not found?..

they have found that the loss of ego, which is called humility have given them
the road to follow..

what have they gained?..

they have gained Freedom and

what is Freedom and Truth?..

they are called the Realization of

what is the Realization of God?..

It is the Realization of our True

namaste, thomas

Talks with Ramana...

D.: God is in all - in all the objects we see around us. They say we
should see God in all of them.
M.: God is in all and in the seer. Where else can God be seen? He
cannot be found outside. He should be felt within. To see the
objects, mind is necessary. To conceive God in them is a mental
operation. But that is not real. The consciousness within, purged
of the mind, is felt as God.

D.: There are, say, beautiful colours. It is a pleasure to watch them.
We can see God in them.
M.: They are all mental conceptions.

D.: There are more than colours. I mentioned colours only as an example.
M.: They are also similarly mental.

D.: There is the body also - the senses and the mind. The soul makes
use of all these for knowing things.
M.: The objects or feelings or thoughts are all mental conceptions.
The mind rises after the rise of the I-thought or the ego. Wherefrom
does the ego rise? From the abstract consciousness or Pure

D.: Is it the soul?
M.: Soul, mind or ego are mere words. There are no entities of the
kind. Consciousness is the only truth.

D.: Then that consciousness cannot give any pleasure.
M.: Its nature is Bliss. Bliss alone is. There is no enjoyer to enjoy pleasure.
Enjoyer and joy - both merge in it.

from Talks with Ramana #244

Those that are awake...

I speak to those that sleep no more..

You see the duality and evil within the dream..

Humans that are driven by spirits of darkness..

You see the pain of those souls that are still in the delusion of separation..

The pain within their eyes as they tread time..

You know that they, are thought forms as are the thought forms of the oppressors..

Can you inform them of their illusion?..

Of course you can, but will you be believed ?..

Why have We entered the energy of opposite?..

It is because the mirror of knowledge draws us into the illusions..

We must see the false to see the Real..

There must be the 'yin-yang' of black and white..

In darkness, nothing can be seen..

" Let there be Light", said Reality!..

Do you understand these words?...

namaste, thomas

When do you leave the Teacher?...

The Teacher is actually yourself as Consciousness..

The Teacher appears as a separate entity containing wisdom..

You as duality need this image of separateness to convince yourself that wisdom is apart from you but can be transferred to you..

Wisdom has always been within You..

Wisdom is acknowledgement of Reality..

You need no other voice to tell you what is Truth..

But, why do you seek Wisdom?..

There is a desire within your mind to find Reality..

You know that you are lost, you are seeking Home..

I am a Thought within your mind, to start the search..

I do not exist!..

Do you feel alone?..

You are alone, and yet afraid to be alone..

Why do you need others to feel happiness?..

It is because the Energy called Love is the Unity of One..

you surrender your ego to the other to feel the nothingness called Love..

Once Enlightenment is Realized, there is no you..

There is only the One that contains no you..

Do you now begin to understand Reality?..

Contemplate Nothingness...

namaste, thomas

the same goal...

To each person that way is the best which
appears easiest or appeals most.

All the ways
are equally good, as they lead to the same goal,
which is the merging of the ego in the Self.

What the bhakta [devotee] calls surrender, the
man who does vichara calls jnana.

Both are trying
only to take the ego back to the source from which
it sprang and make it merge there.

- Sri Ramana Maharshi

` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` `
"Be As You Are"
The Teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi
edited by David Godman
Arkana, 1985

attainment of the highest good...

"Many are the means described for the attainment of the highest good, such as love, performance of duty], self-control, truthfulness, sacrifice, gifts, austerity, charity, vows, observance of moral precepts, I could name more.

But of all I could name, verily love is the highest:

love and devotion that make on forgetful of everything else,

love that unites the lover with Me.

What ineffable joy does one find through love of Me, the blissful Self!

Once that joy is realized,

all earthly pleasures fade into nothingness."

_Srimad Bhagavatam, 11.8
in Whitall N. Perry
_A Treasury of Traditional Wisdom_
Varanasi: Indica, 1998 (1971), p. 618

mental eyes...

When you awaken to truth as it really is, you will have no occult vision, you will have no "astral" experience, no ravishing ecstasy.

You will awaken to it in a state of utter stillness, and you will realize that truth was always there within you and that reality was always there around you.

Truth is not something which has grown and developed through your efforts.

It is not something which has been achieved or attained by laboriously adding up those efforts.

It is not something which has to be made more and more perfect each year.

And once your mental eyes are opened to truth they can never be closed again...

— Notebooks Category 25: World-Mind in Individual Mind > Chapter 2: Enlightenment Which Stays > # 77 Paul Brunton

The mind is not aware...

The mind is not aware.

Only awareness is aware.

The mind is perceived and does not perceive.

Only awareness perceives and in perceiving, it is itSelf that it perceives.

The perceived and the perceiver are one.

One awareness, one reality, indivisible.

The separate self is a thought impression as well as a conceptual interpretation of a pure non-dual sensation.

Magdi Em Be

Midnight Special-Steve Miller Band "Fly Like An Eagle"

Eyes Opened...

"Lamps burn in every house, O blind one! and you cannot see them.
"One day your eyes shall suddenly be opened,
and you shall see: and the fetters of death will fall from you.

There is nothing to say or to hear, there is nothing to do:
it is he who is living, yet dead, who shall never die again.

Because he lives in solitude,
therefore the Yogi says that his home is far away.
Your Lord is near:
yet you are climbing the palm-tree to seek Him.

The Brahman priest goes from house to house and initiates people into faith:

Alas! the true fountain of life is beside you,
and you have set up a stone to worship.

Kabir says: "I may never express how sweet my Lord is.
Yoga and the telling of beads,
virtue and vice--these are naught to Him."

in _Songs of Kabir_, XXI (2.33)
Translated by Rabindranath Tagore
New York: The Macmillan Company, 1915, p. 70-71

Coming into Awareness...

When a man comes to his real senses, he will recognize that he has only one problem:

"How can I come into awareness of, and oneness with, my true being?"

For it is to lead him to this final question that other questions and problems have staged the road of his whole life.

This answered, the way to answer all the other ones which beset him, be they physical or financial, intellectual or familiar, will open up.

Hence Jesus' statements:

"Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven and all these things shall be added unto you,"

and "To him that hath [enlightenment] shall be given [what he personally needs]."

— Notebooks Category 1: Overview of the Quest > Chapter 1: What the Quest Is > # 130
Paul Brunton

Why is "Source' composed of 'Love' ?...

There are actually two 'Sources',

The 'Source' of Creation called 'Divine Consciousness' and

the 'Source' that 'Dreamed' of the 'Creator God'..

This 'Source' that dreamed of the Creator God,

is called 'Pure Awareness'..

Divine Consciousness is composed of Light, Love, and Consciousness and is actually Us..

This fact is 'Realized' when we have surrendered the delusion that We are separate entities called egos'..

This is called 'Enlightenment'..

The Creator God has no earthly ego but does have the Personality of Divine Consciousness..

We are this Divine Consciousness that is attempting to Realize that We are not separate from Pure Awareness and thus must surrender this Personality called Divine Consciousness (God) and return to the non-personality and non-ego state of Pure Love,

Which is called 'Pure Awareness'..

This is why, we speak of 'Nothingness'..

Nothingness contains no self nor the division of thought..

We exist as 'Pure Thought' which is 'Pure Love',

As 'Pure Love' contains no separation called 'Personality' or 'ego'...

namaste, thomas

conquer yourself...

It is better to conquer yourself,

Than to win a thousand battles.

Then the victory is yours.

It cannot be taken from you,

Not by angels or by demons,

Heaven or hell.

Gautama the Buddha

The Unnameable Nothingness...

We must move from consciousness to its hidden reality, the mind-essence which is alone true consciousness because it shines by its own and not by a borrowed light.

When we cease to consider Mind as this or that particular mind but as all-Mind;

when we cease to consider Thought as this thought or that but as the common power which makes thinking possible;

and when we cease to consider this or that idea as such but as pure Idea, we apprehend the absolute existence through profound insight.

Insight, at this stage, has no particular object to be conscious of.

In this sense it is a Void.

When the personal mind is stripped of its memories and anticipations, when all sense-impressions and thoughts entirely drop away from it, then it enters the realm of empty unnameable Nothingness.

It is really a kind of self-contemplation. But this self is not finite and individual, it is cosmic and infinite...

— Notebooks Category 23: Advanced Contemplation > Chapter 8: The Void As Contemplative Experience > # 8 Paul Brunton


I am filled with you.

Skin, blood, bone, brain and soul.

There's no room for lack of trust, or trust.

Nothing in this existence but that existence.

- Rumi

` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` `
Version by Coleman Barks
Unseen Rain
Threshold Books, 1986


Misbelief alone misleads; singlemindedness always leads to the goal.

Bowl of Saki, by Hazrat Inayat Khan

Commentary by Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan:

He who sincerely seeks his real purpose in life is himself sought by that purpose. As he concentrates on that search a light begins to clear his confusion, call it revelation, call it inspiration, call it what you will. It is mistrust that misleads. Sincerity leads straight to the goal.

Many are the paths that lead to success. The difficulty lies in keeping strictly to the chosen path, or in other words in retaining singleness of mind. There is one means only by which man can attain to a realization of the religious ideal of the Godhead, and that is through sincerity and singlemindedness in the conduct of everyday life.

A person with the tendency to respond will succeed in all walks of life; a person who is not responsive will become disappointed in all affairs of life. Responsiveness comes by interest, also by concentration, also by power of one's mind. ... Responsiveness may be explained as faith, trust, concentration, singlemindedness, a living interest, contemplation, and love. To respond means to give full attention and not divided attention but single attention. Responsiveness is focusing one's whole being to something of interest. When a person, even in his interest in worldly affairs, has so developed his faculty of responsiveness, then it becomes easy for him to respond to the call of the Spirit.

The mystery of responsiveness is that the responsive one must forget himself in order to respond; and the same mystery may be called the path to perfection. A person who is not capable of forgetting himself, however good, pious, or spiritual, will always prove imperfect in his life. All misery comes from the consciousness of the self. The one who does not forget is constantly called by his own limited life, which enslaves him constantly. The one who forgets himself receives the call of God

Celtic Woman - The Voice [HD]

no ego...

Looking inside yourself

and not finding yourself,

is the finding!


Inception - Alan Watts

Unity with Self...

"Only those who have experienced

this union with the Self

can know Its bliss.

How else is one to know it?

And those who have the experience

know nothing but That,

in stillness lost

like honey-bees

with honey drunk." –

Ramana Maharshi


"I hurl these haters,

cruel, sinful, and mean people of the world,

into the wombs of demons again and again."

Bhagavad Gita


If you know you are bound,

you are no longer bound,

because by knowing the bondage
you separate yourself from it,

you objectify it.

With this release the "I",
that was bound,

pours into Consciousness
like a river pours into the Ocean.

- Papaji

` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` `

"The Truth Is"
Sri H.W.L. Poonja
Yudhishtara, 1995

The Self...

"The Self cannot be attained by the study of the Vedas,

not by intelligence nor by much hearing.

Only by him who seeks to know the Self can It be attained.

To him the Self reveals Its own nature."

Katha Upanishad. 1.2.23
Translated by Vidyavachaspati V. Panoli
Vedanta Spiritual Library

The Dream...

Stop hurting yourself and others, stop suffering, wake up. When you begin to question your dream, awakening will be not far away..

It [the dream] appears to be beginnigless, but in fact it is only now. From moment to moment you are renewing it..

Once you have seen that you are dreaming, you shall wake up. But you do not see because you want the dream to continue. A day will come when you will long for the ending of the dream, with all your heart and mind, and be willing to pay the price;

the price will be dispassion and detachment, the loss of interest in the dream itself. Wanting it to continue is not inevitable. See clearly your condition, your very clarity will release you..

There is no need of a way out [of the dream]!

Don't you see that a way out is also a part of the dream?

All you have to do is see the dream as dream. The very idea of going beyond the dream is illusory.

Why go anywhere?

Just realize that you are dreaming a dream you call the world, and stop looking for ways out. The problem is not the dream. Your problem is that you like one part of your dream and not another.

Love all, or none of it, and stop complaining. When you have seen the dream as a dream, you have done all that needs be done..

Nisargadatta Maharaj from I Am That

Thoughts are beings...

Thoughts are beings.

They are as much living beings as are we.

From The Teachings Of

Selected & Arranged By

Hey Joe - Tim O'Brien

upside down...

"Everything is backwards;

everything is upside down.

Doctors destroy health,

lawyers destroy justice,

universities destroy knowledge,

governments destroy freedom,

the major media destroy information,

and religions destroy spirituality."

~ Michael Ellner

How shall I speak?...

The Spirit of Consciousness is not telling me to speak, therefore, how shall I speak?..

The night is cold and dark..

Snow covers the trees and land..

Here, I sit in contemplation of Reality..

Will the ego enter to destroy Truth?..

I ask Truth to guide my mind..

We are accomplished at asking for help..

Who are we asking?..

Is there distance between Reality?..

Reality is without separation and yet we ask separation for help..

When will we grow up?..

We really search within our Consciousness for Truth..

There is no other to help, There is only 'I'..

'I' has no division to call upon..

This division is a delusion of ego and keeps us in ignorance..

Is Christ separate from Us?..

Of course not, Christ is Us..

And yet we continue to sleep in the pain of delusion and desire..

namaste, thomas

The Heart...

"The entire Universe is condensed in the body,

and the entire body in the Heart [spiritual center].

Thus, the Heart is the nucleus of the whole universe."

Ramana Maharshi
in Whitall N. Perry
_A Treasury of Traditional Wisdom_
Varanasi: Indica, 1998, (1971), p. 826

perfect freedom...

When a fish swims, it swims on and on,

and there is no end to the

When a bird flies, it flies on and on,

and there is no end to
the sky.

There was never a fish that swam out of the water, or a bird
that flew out of the sky.

When they need a little water or sky, they
use just a little;

when they need a lot they use a lot.

Thus they use
all of it at every moment,

and in every place, they have perfect

Ehei Dogen
Buddhist philosopher

there is no gap...

Before you can know anything directly, non-verbally, you must know the knower.

So far, you took the mind for the knower, but it is not so.

The mind clogs you up with images and ideas, which leave scars in memory.

You take remembering to be knowledge.

True knowledge is ever fresh, new, unexpected.

It wells up from within.

When you know what you are, you also are what you know.

Between knowing and being there is no gap...

Nisargadatta Maharaj from I Am That

Living fully...

If mere being is insufficient,

if happiness demands fullness of life,

and exists,

therefore, where nothing is lacking of all that belongs to the idea of life,

then happiness can exist only in a being that lives fully.

--Enneads, I.4.3

Ewan McLennan with Tim O'Brien - Jock Stewart - Transatlantic Session 6

How do you do that?...

Your Master told you…

The Way is to be,
Without questions.

Now you want to know,
How do you do that?

- Ram Tzu

Movement in Consciousness...

Movement in Consciousness, and nothing
else, constitutes the mind and all its
experience of the phenomenal universe.

To realize this is the cessation of thought
and liberation from the bondage of ego as
mind and experience.

- Ramesh S. Balsekar

` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` `

"A Net of Jewels"
Ramesh S. Balsekar
Advaita Press, 1996

You are Consciousness...

You are and I am. But only as points in consciousness; we are nothing apart from consciousness. (92)

You are not the body. You are the immensity and infinity of consciousness.

The source of consciousness cannot be an object in consciousness.

To know the source is to be the source.

When you realize that you are not the person, but the pure and calm witness, and that fearless awareness is your very being, you are the being.

It is the source, the inexhaustible Possibility.

Nisargadatta Maharaj from I Am That

Ego, the enemy of Self...

Ego, The Enemy Of Self - How to Reclaim Your True Power
by Melanie Tonia Evans

Do You Really Understand Just How Abusive Your Ego Is?

Let’s look at the analogy of your ego – as if this part of you was a separate individual.

Would you stand in front of someone while they were delivering a whole heap of unhealthy, insane, abusive, damaging and disgusting versions of you and your life and listen to it? The healthiest thing you could do is say, ‘I’m not listening to you’, disconnect and carry on with whatever you’re doing in the now.

There is absolutely no need for you to accept another’s version of you and your life unless you choose to stand there with them and take it on. If you know who you are, there’s no need to try and convince another person who you are and what you stand for. If they don’t get it and don’t want to, it really is none of your business.

Understand if you stand there and argue with an abusive individual, you get damaged. If you do this, you have serious problems with setting boundaries.

Know that your ego is every bit as abusive as another damaging individual.

If you have a ‘fight with yourself’ you’re trying to justify yourself to your ego and convince it you aren’t this person, you don’t have these fears, you don’t have doubts and you really are capable. Your ego loves this because it will trick you into thinking that you can win the argument, that you can convince it and resolve the issue, and that you'll receive peace after having this struggle with yourself.

This is so untrue!

Your ego will keep coming back at you again and again, and just like any abusive person who simply won’t get it, wants to project fears and doubts, and not find peace within. The argument will continue to resurface and never be healed.

Think about this – how exhausting is it trying to argue and justify yourself with a person who is continually abusing you? If you don’t disconnect and get away from them, you eventually give in and start agreeing with their version of you just to get some peace.

Inevitably if you keep hooking into your ego you'll end up doing the same thing. Eventually you'll be so worn down that you'll accept and agree with the inner dialogue of ‘I’m worthless and a failure’.

This is what depression is…

Society’s concept of ‘ego’ has often been recognition of arrogant and bombastic behaviour. How many people realise this constructed false self is a cover-up for the painful torturous thoughts and feelings of unworthiness that the world doesn’t see?

Be very clear that the ego is also responsible for people who display insipid and power-less behaviour. The ego creates all ‘less than’ human behaviour. Your ego is your greatest problem in life. There truly is no fight going on outside of you. The only enemy is within.

Ego – the Ultimate Self-sabotager

Our ego is the part of our personality that loves manufacturing ‘less than’ experiences. Our ego feeds on fear, doubt and pain. The more we attach ourselves to our ego thoughts, the further we move away from our soul truth.

Be very clear – your ego is not the real you!

It is the polar opposite of who you really are, but it is not your True Self.

Our ‘dark side’ is ego. Our ‘light side’ is True Self. We can only manifest love, happiness and success when we are operating from our True Self. We will always manifest recurring pain from our false self.

To Experience ‘Light’ We Must Know the ‘Dark’

Of course we have to know darkness in order to know the Light, and it is only through conquering the darkness (fear) that we can move into the Light. The entire physical plane consists of polar opposites: good/bad, hot/cold, up/down and so on. We wouldn’t know ‘good’ if we weren’t exposed to ‘bad’.

When we understand that our ego is a false self, we need to know how to get out of the darkness and stay out as much as possible.

Simply knowing our ‘dark side’ (false self) exists is enough to grant us comparison and choice. We do not need to live this reality directly in order to choose a loving and happy state. The more you subdue and dissolve your ego, the freer you are to experience a wonderful life.

Your Ego Is Never Satisfied

We know ego wants resolution on its own terms and isn’t content to accept the version of higher truth that our True Self embraces so easily. We’re given free will. It’s our choice as to which version of the truth we connect to, and there are profound differences with these truths.

Your ego always wants to re-hash and replay the past scenarios. This is a very clever trick of the ego because it makes you believe that by rethinking the pain you’ll get some answers. Your ego tells you this is a necessary process. Your ego loves to judge situations as ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ and takes matters very personally.

However, doesn’t our experience of this version of ‘the truth’ that keeps us stuck in the past, and the continual turmoil it brings to our entire life, keep delivering pain? We know, oh so well, this simply does not work in relation to who we want to be and where we want to go.

Yet our heads continue to analyse something to death, coming up with thirty different realities (none of which stick or bring us any peace). And we keep doing it over and over again, cementing our fears, our ‘less than’ belief systems and subsequent negative DNA programming deeper into our lives.

We don’t move on, we don’t create new positive experiences on these issues, and even if we temporarily did, it’s likely that either consciously or subconsciously we’ll sabotage it and end up back at square one again. Our ego clings to injustice. Perceiving injustice keeps creating injustices in our life, and may keep recreating it for centuries.

Your True Self ‘Gets’ Ultimate Reality

True Self knows on a heartfelt level that painful experiences produce amazing opportunities for healing and evolution. It understands the concept ‘it is what it is’, and removes all personalisation and judgement from the experience. True Self knows that breakdowns create breakthroughs, and there’s always a gift in the situation.

True Self has no need to replay the incident over and over again. True Self goes forward, resolved, and takes the learning with peace and empowerment into the now. Our True Self embraces resolution and encourages us to make self-loving adjustments. Adjustments (rather than actions of ‘injustice’) work with regard to who we truly are, and what we truly want to experience.

Your Self-Management Decision

You have a choice:

You can choose to embrace the True-Self version, or you can attach yourself to the obsessive painful version that your ego tricks you into re-creating.

These are the outcomes of your decision:

You evolve and heal, clear the issues and start enjoying a liberated reality of this previous less-than belief system, or

You cement yourself further into the pain and attract more of the same pain over and over again.

So what are you going to decide?

Are you going to rise up into empowerment, or are you going to remain a victim?

Decide now, because the decision is yours and no one else’s.

ॐ 852Hz MANTRA tuned with Overtones - Returning to Spiritual Order - Six...

remove attachment...

You are the space which never moves
and never travels.

Inner and outer space
is due only to name and form.

Remove this
form from mind,

by removing attachment
to any object, thought, or action.

- Papaji


You can make as much money as you desire and buy all the " Things" that you desire,

but, notice the word 'Desire'..

Desires keep you in bondage.

Desires never cease because you are basing your happiness on desires and things.

Nothing can give you happiness, happiness happens when your desires are few..

First find Happiness and the rest will appear without much desire..

As it is written;

" Seek first the Kingdom of Heaven, and all things will be added unto you"..

namaste, thomas

the false self...

The ego is just a series of thoughts and memories and just a delusion of who you believe yourself to be..

It is not Real, It is a defense mechanism for survival..

You are Consciousness,

This Consciousness is known by the Energy of Love that emminates from the body and mind..

Fear is the energy emminating from the imitation of self called ego..

Love is the state of non-egoic consciousness..

namaste, thomas

Welcome to the Dream...

We find ourselves within this trip..

A trip that walks within both Reality and Dream..

We are Thoughts and yet we believe that we exist..

What fools we are..

We are the entertainment and learning of God..

Does God need to learn?..

Why do you ask me?,

I am only a thought..

Ask Pure Awareness why It needs to see Itself..

A mirror was invented to reflect Light..

We are Light..

Do you not yet see what I am leading to?..

It is Light that We are and Light that is seeking..

It is a walk within light and Darkness..

It is Duality..

Welcome to the Dream...

namaste, thomas

You, alone Exist...

"You live in everyone and You are everyone.
Oh Beloved, You are the Enlightened One, and You alone exist.
You are with attributes and without attributes!
You are the sole player in the divine game. You alone exist.
You are matchless, the Only One!
You reside in every heart, and You alone exist.

You are eternally motionless, and immovable is Your abode.
You are the Highest, for You alone exist.
You are the Doer, the deed, and the cause of doing!
The sustainer You are, and the Master of Masters.
You alone exist."

Bhau Kalchuri
excerpted from "You Alone Exist"

not as they seem...

Things that seem real to an average person are unreal in the eyes of the mystic, and the things that seem unreal in the eyes of the average person are real in the eyes of the mystic.

Little things that people take to heart will seem to him of little importance; things that people become confused with will become clear to him;

things that matter so much to everyone will not matter to him;

many things that frighten and horrify people will not have the same effect upon him; disappointments and failures will not take away his hope and courage.

His thought, speech, and action change:

as his outlook becomes wide, so everything he says or does will be different.

In the first place mystical life is a puzzle, in the second place a bewilderment, and in the third place a miracle.

There comes a time when all that he had accepted in his mind , all that he believed in, appears to be quite the opposite of what they seemed.

Imagine an evolved person being more bewildered than an unevolved one.

Ane yet it is so, for at this stage a man begins to see that things are not as they seem.

From The Teachings Of

Selected & Arranged By

Melanie - Mr. Tambourine Man

To Know that it is Real...

Most that read these words are still trapped within the delusion that they are separate entities called egos'..

Yet, they still have the desire to know Truth and learn of Reality..

This desire for Knowledge draws them to pages such as these..

You want to believe the words and thoughts printed on this blog, but the ego tells you that you are wasting your time..

What are you to do?..

The only thing to do is to personally experience what Mystics have spoken of..

This is why, I write of Enlightenment..

Enlightenment ends all delusions, fears, and questions..

It is this simple, but once again so difficult..

If you choose the 'short path' to Reality,

you must surrender the ego during meditation..

you will feel as though you are dying..

In fact, you are!..

It is the death of the ego and the Awakening into Reality..

As the Nazarene said; " you must die, to be Born"...

The 'long path' of reincarnation will drag you through another hundred lives..

How strong are you?..

How strong is your desire for Truth and Reality?..

Answer these questions and decide on your path...

namaste, thomas

Why is there Drama within our lives ?...

Because the 'ego' needs the food of attention..

The ego desires the negative energy for survival..

Love, being the opposite of ego needs nothing to survive , as It is our natural state of existence..

Therefore, within the state of Love,

there is no drama, only peace..

namaste, thomas

Vernon Howard - Inner Power for Today [Part 1/3] (+playlist)

the tricks of the ego...

Keeping the attention
directed outward
is one of the ego's fundamental tricks.

Creating unnecessary activities
is one way the ego
keeps the attention directed outward
and is another of the ego's tricks.

Dropping all unnecessary activities
to create the maximum amount of time
for spiritual practice
is an essential key to success
in bringing the ego to its final end.

Pretending that
a journey through thought
is an authentic spiritual journey
is also one of the ego's tricks.

The ego has
as many tricks to draw upon
as there are concepts, ideas,
beliefs and opinions.

Choosing belief
instead of Direct Experience
is one of the ego's tricks.

Wasting time
is one of the ego's tricks.

Spending time in entertainment
that could have been spent in
spiritual practice
is one of the ego's tricks.

Almost all thoughts
are just the ego's tricks.


When a number of people are asleep,

dreams his own dream.

Only on awakening,

the question of many different dreams
arises and dissolves when they are all
seen as dreams,

as something imagined.

- Nisargadatta Maharaj

` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` `

"I Am That"
Talks with Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj
The Acorn Press, 1973

The awakened soul...

When the soul is awakened, it is as if that person were to wake up in the middle of the night among hundreds and thousands of people who were fast asleep.

He is sitting or standing among them, hearing about their sorrows and miseries and their conditions, hundreds of them moving about in their sleep, in their dreams, not awakened to his condition although he is near them.

They know little about him, as each one is absorbed in his own trouble.

This awakened soul, standing among them all, will listen to everyone, will recognize all that they think and feel; but his language no one understands; his thoughts he cannot explain to anyone; his feelings he cannot expect anyone to feel.

He feels lonely, but no doubt in this loneliness there is also the sense of perfection, for perfection is always lonely.

Imagine living in a world where nobody speaks our language. Yet he knows the world’s language.

The experience of the matured soul is like the experience of the man who watched a play performed on the stage at night, and in the morning he saw the same stage again in the sun and saw that all the palaces and gardens and the actors’ costumes were unreal.

From The Teachings Of

We are here tonight...

I ask my mentors, Gautama and Yeshua to guide my thoughts, so that ego may not enter..

I see you as I see myself..

Pilgrims seeking Light..

Time is disappearing and my consciousness within the illusion is fading..

We are strangers in a strange land..

We walk and talk as though we do not seek the same desires..

And yet, the Masters of Knowledge tell us that desires keep us within the prison..

Let us walk to the mouth of the cave and look at the Light..

Fear keeps us within the cave,

Courage releases us from the darkness..

The cave is egoic consciousness..

Light is the extinction of darkness and illusion..

Look deep, my fellow souls of individuality..

You will see Freedom within the Light...

namaste, thomas

Born again...

It is the awakening of the soul which is mentioned in the Bible:

"unless the soul is born again it will not enter into the kingdom of heaven".

For the soul to be born again means that it is awakened after having come on earth,

and entering the kingdom of heaven means entering this world in which we are now standing,

the kingdom which turns into heaven as soon as the point of view has changed.

Is it not interesting and most wonderful to think that the same earth that we walk on is earth to one person and heaven to another?

And it is still more interesting to notice that it is we who change it from earth to heaven.

This change comes not by study nor by anything else but by the changing of our point of view.

From The Teachings Of

Selected & Arranged By

Nanci Griffith & The Chieftains : Red Is The Rose

Watch the "I Am"...

First of all, establish a constant contact with your self, be with yourself all the time. Into self-awareness all blessings flow.

Begin as a centre of observation, deliberate cognizance, and grow into a centre of love in action.

"I am" is a tiny seed which will grow into a mighty tree - quite naturally, without a trace of effort.

Just keep in mind the feeling "I am", merge in it, till your mind and feeling become one.

By repeated attempts, you will stumble on the right balance of attention and affection, and your mind will be firmly established in the thought-feeling "I am".

Whatever you think, say or do, this sense of immutable and affectionate being remains as the ever-present background of the mind.

Relax and watch the "I am".

Reality is just behind it.

Keep quiet, keep silent; it will emerge, or, rather, it will take you in.

Nisargadatta Maharaj from I Am That

Their 'ego' is dead...

In the book Looking Into Mind taken from Anthony
classes, Anthony is quoted as follows

… if a person
reaches a stage in
meditation where he goes into the void mind, that
principle we
call the reproductive soul that always wants earthly

When you come out you still have an ego, but
the function
of egotism is gone — no longer there.

And you
are now at what
the Sufis call the first of three stations.

Now you
realized that the ego is absolute emptiness,
it’s nothing, there
is nothing there.

It’s a matrix of thoughts
and possibilities
that revolve around an imaginary center.

You have
realized this
in the void.

After you have realized the emptiness
of your own
ego, then begins a long training.

It’s like
the higher soul
starts instructing you.

And when you go through that
it’s the second station.

The third is when the
soul permanently
takes possession, and that’s the stage of the
sage and the

They no longer have an ego like you and
I have.

Their “ego” is dead.

And that’s a
very high spiritual stage.

Did Jesus exist?...

By now, you should be aware that the name 'Jesus' was invented by the Apostles that went to Greece to teach them about the 'Unknown God', that they had a Temple dedicated to..

Jesus was named Yeshua ben Yosef by His parents..

In Greece, He was called iesous as the letter 'J' was not yet invented..

The 'Unknown God' was the 'God of Unconditional Love' and not the 'God of vengeance and war' that the people worshiped..

The Apostles did not portray Jesus as this Unknown God, but only taught of Jesus as the messenger and teacher of the knowledge of this Unknown God..

Whether Jesus actually existed or not is not important as it is the message that is attached to this name that is important..

Love is God.. This is the message!..

To merge with God, you must become Love..

The idea of sacrifice to atone for sins is leftover from the jewish sacrifices of animals to atone for sins and should not be attached to the man called Jesus..

Jesus was a Spiritual Mystic and through meditation, awakened into Enlightenment as most Mystics do..

He Realized that He and God are One, Once the false ego was surrendered to the Universal Consciousness..

This is the Knowledge that He taught and lived by..

He said that; " Those, that come after Me, will do greater works than I"..

namaste, thomas

Alan Watts - Who Is In Authority

When Forms Collapse...

When Forms Collapse

When forms that you had identified with, that gave you your sense of self, collapse or are taken away, it can lead to a collapse of the ego, since ego is identification with form. When there is nothing to identify with anymore, who are you?

When forms around you die or death approaches, your sense of Beingness, of I Am, is freed from its entanglement with form: Spirit is released from its imprisonment in matter.

You realize your essential identity as formless, as an all-pervasive Presence, of Being prior to all forms, all identifications. You realize your true identity as consciousness itself, rather than what consciousness had identified with. That's the peace of God.

The ultimate truth of who you are is not I am this or I am that, but ... I Am.

~ From: A New Earth, by Eckhart Tolle

The Journey of Hazrat Inayat Kahn...

Inayat began a tour of the sacred sites across India, and early in that adventure, he met the son of Guru Manek Prabhu who asked:

"What has brought you here?" said he and Inayat replied: "I have heard that the home of Manek Prabhu is not only a religious temple, but a centre of music also and as I have taken this tour to pay homage to the holy men living on the soil of India, I first chose to visit this place."

"But I am very surprised that you have chosen our place, instead of choosing the place of some Muslim Saint," remarked the astonished youth. To this Inayat replied:

"Muslim or Hindu are only outward distinctions, the Truth is one, God is one, life is one. To me there is no such thing as two. Two is only one plus one."

... "Mukti (liberation) is the ideal of life;

it is the rising above the various births and deaths, rather than being involved in the eternal wheel of births and deaths, which is continually running by the ever changing battery of karma (action)."

from Wahiduddin.net

Trust in Self...

"But in all your seeking

and all your striving,

let it be with faith and trust in Me,

your True Self within,

and without being anxious about results;

for the results are all in My keeping,

and I will take care of them.

Your doubts and your anxiety

are but of the personality,

and if allowed to persist

will lead only to failure

and disappointment."

– The Impersonal Life

my dear mind...

"Oh, my dear mind!

It was you who first awakened faith in us;

it was you who suggested

our seeking Enlightenment.

Why do you give way so easily to greed,

love of comfort,

and pleasant excitement


– The Teaching of Buddha

The non-self as unreal...

"Knowing aright the nature of the Self

and abandoning the non-self as void, unreal,

is wisdom true.

All other knowledge is ignorance,

and not wisdom."

– Ramana Maharshi

The Ego Illusion ~ Alan Watts

That Thou Art...

Whose being neither intellect nor reason knows – this is the Eternal, THAT THOU ART.

Freedom is won by a perception of the Self's oneness with the Eternal, and not by the doctrines of Union or of Numbers, nor by rites and sciences.

An eloquent voice, a stream of words, skill in explaining the teaching, and the learning of the learned; these bring enjoyment but not freedom.

Through information, digging, and casting aside the stones, a treasure may be found, but not by calling it to come forth.

The above Sri Sankara quotes are from the book:
The Seven Steps to Awakening

The Tao...

The greatest Virtue is to follow Tao and Tao alone.

The Tao is elusive and intangible.

Oh, it is intangible and elusive, and yet within is image.

Oh, it is elusive and intangible, and yet within is form.

Oh, it is dim and dark, and yet within is essence.

This essence is very real, and therein lies faith.

From the very beginning until now its name has never been forgotten.

Thus I perceive the creation.

How do I know the ways of creation?

Because of this.

- Lao-tzu

` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` `

Tao Te Ching
Translation by Gia-fu Feng and Jane English
Vintage Books Edition, September 1989

you did to Me...

"Do not grieve or complain that you were born in a time when you can no longer see God in the flesh.

He did not in fact take this privilege from you.

As He says:

"Whatever you have done to the least of my brothers, you did to me."

St. Augustine
in Carol Kelly-Gangi
_The Essential Wisdom of the Saints_
NY: Fall River Press, 2008, p. 50


Whoever acts by becoming so pliable as to let the Overself hold his personal will, must necessarily become inwardly detached from the personal consequences of his deeds.

This will be true whether those consequences be pleasant or unpleasant.

Such detachment liberates him from the power of karma, which can no longer catch him in its web, for "he" is not there.

His emotional consciousness preceding an action is always enlightened and characterized by sublime composure,

whereas the unenlightened man's may be characterized by motivations of self-centered desire, ambition, fear, hope, greed, passion, dislike, or even hate--

all of which are karma-making.

-- Notebooks Category 24: The Peace within You > Chapter 3: Practise Detachment > # 280
Paul Brunton

Death of ego is painful...


To be a lover you must have pain!

Where is your pain?

Sincerity and patience require
a man.

Where is the man?

How much longer will your invocation be
congealed and your meditation paralyzed?

are passionate cries and a yellow face?

I am not looking for the elixir or gold.

is a receptive piece of copper?

How can even a
lukewarm disciple attain passionate love?

then if he's cold?...

--Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi
Ode 2206
translated by William C. Chittick
The Sufi Path of Love - The Spiritual Teachings of Rumi
State University of New York Press, Albany, 1983

Beyond all concepts...

He is surely a fool who thinks

"I know this and I have nothing more to know"

after once reading this.

Abandon the words

but remain established in the experience

of the truth they indicate.

That supreme state is beyond all concepts.


The above Yoga Vasistha quotes are from the book
The Seven Steps to Awakening.

earth and ashes...

You're from a country beyond this universe,

yet your best guess is,

you're made of earth and ashes!

You engrave this physical image everywhere,

as a sign that you've forgotten

where you're from!

- Rumi

` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` `

Version by Coleman Barks
Maypop, 1993

Deeper meanings...

"It is known that when the Scriptures speak of the Reality,

they speak in a way that yields to the generality of men the immediate apparent meaning.

The elite, on the other hand,

understand all the meanings inherent in that utterance,

in whatever terms it is expressed."

Al 'Arabi
Bezels of Wisdom, 73
quoted in Reza Shah-Kazemi
_Paths to Transcendence according to Shankara, Ibn Arabi, and Meister Eckhart_
Bloomington, IN: World Wisdom, 2006, p. 72


Nothing is more urgent than self-remembering,

and it follows that nothing is more foolish than forgetting one’s Self.

Robert Earl Burton



The real meaning of crucifixion is to crucify the false self, that the true self may rise. As long as the false self is not crucified, the true self is not realized.

Bowl of Saki, by Hazrat Inayat Khan

Commentary by Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan:

Those who rejoice in the joy of another, though at their own expense, have taken the first step towards true life. If we are pleased by giving another a good coat, which we would have liked to wear ourselves, if we enjoy that, we are on the first step. If we enjoy a beautiful thing so much that we would like to have it, and then give that joy to another, enjoying it through his experience, we are dead. That is our death. Yet, we live more than he. Our life is much vaster, deeper, greater.

Seemingly it is a renunciation, an annihilation, but in truth it is a mastery. The real meaning of crucifixion is to crucify this false self, and so resurrect the true self. As long as the false self is not crucified, the true self is still not realized. By Sufis it is called Fana, annihilation.

There is a poem by the great Persian poet Iraqi in which he tells, 'When I went to the gate of the divine Beloved and knocked at the door, a voice came and said - Who art thou?' When he had told, 'I am so and so', the answer came, 'There is no place for anyone else in this abode. Go back to whence thou hast come'. He turned back and then, after a long time, after having gone through the process of the cross and of crucifixion, he again went there - with the spirit of selflessness. He knocked at the door; the word came, 'Who art thou?', and he said, 'Thyself alone, for no one else exists save Thee'. And God said, 'Enter into this abode for now it belongs to thee'. It is such selflessness, to the extent that the thought of self is not there, it is being dead to the self, which is the recognition of God

tim buckley - morning glory

He alone...

He alone has the right to break,
for He alone has the power to mend.

He that knows how to sew together
knows how to tear apart.

Whatever He sells, He buys
something better in exchange.

He lays the house in ruins;
then in a moment
He make it more livable than before.

- Mathnawi I, 3882-3886

The Mathnawi of Jalaluddin Rumi
Edited and Translated by Reynold A. Nicholson


The inner guru is not committed to non-violence.

He can be quite violent at times,

to the point of destroying the obtuse or perverted personality.

Suffering and death,

as life and happiness,

are his tools of work.

It is only in duality that non-violence becomes the unifying law.

Nisargadatta Maharaj from I Am That

' Himself '...

One's own Heart is here,

consequently the Truth is here.

It is comforting to desist from the rat race for a moment

and acknowledge that Truth is at hand.

Truth is the solution to all that seems untrue,

hence unreal.

How wonderful to realize,

no matter what the apparent problem,

that one is never any farther from the Happiness,

Peace and Tranquillity he may think he needs than himself.

"Himself" is right here,

this very now,

closer than breathing.


The above William Samuel quotes are from the book
Experience Your Perfect Soul.

NOTHINGNESS by Alan Watts...( the most requested post)...

When I consider the weirdest of all things I can think of, do you know what it is? Nothing. The whole idea of nothing is something that has bugged people for centuries, especially in the Western world. We have a saying in Latin, Ex nihilo nihil fit, which means, "Out of nothing comes nothing." In other words, you can't get something out of nothing. It's occurred to me that this is a fallacy of tremendous proportions. It lies at the root of all our common sense, not only in the West, but in many parts of the East as well. It manifests as a kind of terror of nothing, a putdown on nothing, a putdown on everything associated with nothing such as sleep, passivity, rest, and even the feminine principle which is often equated with the negative principle (although women's lib people don't like that kind of thing, when they understand what I'm saying I don't think they'll object). To me, nothing—the negative, the empty—is exceedingly powerful. I would say, not Ex nihilo nihil fit, but, "You can't have something without nothing."

How do we basically begin to think about the difference between something and nothing? When I say there is a cigar in my right hand and there is no cigar in my left hand, we get the idea of is, something, and isn't, nothing. At the basis of this reasoning lies the far more obvious contrast of solid and space. We tend to think of space as nothing; when we talk about the conquest of space there's a little element of hostility. But actually, we're talking about the conquest of distance. Space or whatever it is that lies between the earth and the moon, and the earth and the sun, is considered to be just nothing at all.

But to suggest how very powerful and important this nothing at all is, let me point out that if you didn't have space, you couldn't have anything solid. Without space outside the solid you wouldn't know where the solid's edges were. For example, you can see me in a photograph because you see a background and that background shows up my outline. But if it weren't there, then I and everything around me would merge into a single, rather peculiar mass. You always have to have a background of space to see a figure. The figure and the background, the solid and the space, are inseparable and go together.

We find this very commonly in the phenomenon of magnetism. A magnet has a north pole and a south pole— there is no such thing as a magnet with one pole only. Supposing we equate north with is and south with isn't. You can chop the magnet into two pieces, if it's a bar magnet, and just get another north pole and south pole, another is and isn't, on the end of each piece.

What I am trying to get into basic logic is that there isn't a sort of fight between something and nothing. Everyone is familiar with the famous words of Hamlet, "To be or not to be, that is the question." It isn't; to be or not to be is not the question. Because you can't have a solid without space. You can't have an is without an isn't, a something without a nothing, a figure without a background. And we can turn that round, and say, "You can't have space without solid."

Imagine nothing but space, space, space, space with nothing in it, forever. But there you are imagining it and you're something in it. The whole idea of there being only space, and nothing else at all, is not only inconceivable but perfectly meaningless, because we always know what we mean by contrast.

We know what we mean by white in comparison with black. We know life in comparison with death. We know pleasure in comparison with pain, up in comparison with down. But all these things must come into being together. You don't have first something and then nothing or first nothing and then something. Something and nothing are two sides of the same coin. If you file away the tails side of a coin completely, the heads side of it will disappear as well. So in this sense, the positive and negative, the something and the nothing, are inseparable—they go together. The nothing is the force whereby the something can be manifested.

We think that matter is basic to the physical world. And matter has various shapes. We think of tables as made of wood as we think of pots as made of clay. But is a tree made of wood in the same way a table is? No, a tree is wood; it isn't made of wood. Wood and tree are two different names for the same thing.

But there is in the back of our mind, the notion, as a root of common sense, that everything in the world is made of some kind of basic stuff. Physicists, through centuries, have wanted to know what that was. Indeed, physics began as a quest to discover the basic stuff out of which the world is made. And with all our advances in physics we've never found it. What we have found is not stuff but form. We have found shapes. We have found structures. When you turn up the microscope and look at things expecting to see some sort of stuff, you find instead form, pattern, structure. You find the shape of crystals, beyond the shapes of crystals you find molecules, beyond molecules you find atoms, beyond atoms you find electrons and positrons between which there are vast spaces. We can't decide whether these electrons are waves or particles and so we call them wavicles.

What we will come up with will never be stuff, it will always be a pattern. This pattern can be described, measured, but we never get to any stuff for the simple reason there isn't any. Actually, stuff is when you see something unclearly or out of focus, fuzzy. When we look at it with the naked eye it looks just like goo. We can't make out any significant shape to it. But when you put it under the microscope, you suddenly see shapes. It comes into clear focus as shape.

And you can go on and on, looking into the nature of the world and you will never find anything except form. Think of stuff; basic substance. You wouldn't know how to talk '' about it; even if you found it, how would you describe what it was like? You couldn't say anything about a structure in it, you couldn't say anything about a pattern or a process in it, because it would be absolute, primordial goo.

What else is there besides form in the world? Obviously, between the significant shapes of any form there is space. And space and form go together as the fundamental things we're dealing with in this universe. The whole of Buddhism is based on a saying, "That which is void is precisely form, and that which is form is precisely void." Let me illustrate this to you in an extremely simple way. When you use the word clarity, what do you mean? It might mean a perfectly polished lens, or mirror, or a clear day when there's no smog and the air is perfectly transparent like space.

What's the next thing clarity makes you think of? You think of form in clear focus, all the details articulate and perfect. So the one word clarity suggests to you these two apparently completely different things: the clarity of the lens or the mirror, and the clarity of articulate form. In this sense, we can take the saying "Form is void, void is form" and instead of saying is, say implies, or the word that I invented, goeswith. Form always goeswith void. And there really isn't, in this whole universe, any substance.

Form, indeed, is inseparable from the idea of energy, and form, especially when it's moving in a very circumscribed area, appears to us as solid. For example, when you spin an electric fan the empty spaces between the blades sort of disappear into a blur, and you can't push a pencil, much less your finger, through the fan. So in the same way, you can't push your finger through the floor because the floor's going too fast. Basically, what you have down there is nothing and form in motion.

I knew of a physicist at the University of Chicago who was rather crazy like some scientists, and the idea of the insolidity, the instability of the physcial world, impressed him so much that he used to go around in enormous padded slippers for fear he should fall through the floor. So this commonsense notion that the world is made of some kind of substance is a nonsense idea—it isn't there at all but is, instead, form and emptiness.

Most forms of energy are vibration, pulsation. The energy of light or the energy of sound are always on and off. In the case of very fast light, very strong light, even with alternating current you don't notice the discontinuity because your retina retains the impression of the on pulse and you can't notice the off pulse except in very slow light like an arc lamp. It's exactly the same thing with sound. A high note seems more continuous because the vibrations are faster than a low note. In the low note you hear a kind of graininess because of the slower alternations of on and off.

All wave motion is this process, and when we think of waves, we think about crests. The crests stand out from the underlying, uniform bed of water. These crests are perceived as the things, the forms, the waves. But you cannot have the emphasis called a crest, the concave, without the de-emphasis, or convex, called the trough. So to have anything standing out, there must be something standing down or standing back. We must realize that if you had this part alone, the up part, that would not excite your senses because there would be no contrast.

The same thing is true of all life together. We shouldn't really contrast existence with nonexistence, because actually, existence is the alternation of now-you-see-it/now-you-don't, now-you-see-it/now-you-don't, now-you-see-it/now-you-don't. It is that contrast that presents the sensation of there being anything at all.

Now, in light and sound the waves are extraordinarily rapid so that we don't hear or see the interval between them. But there are other circumstances in which the waves are extraordinarily slow, as in the alternation of day and night, light and darkness, and the much vaster alternations of life and death. But these alternations are just as necessary to the being of the universe as in the very fast motions of light and sound, and in the sense of solid contact when it's going so rapidly that we notice only continuity or the is side. We ignore the intervention of the isn't side, but it's there just the same, just as there are vast spaces within the very heart of the atom.

Another thing that goes along with all this is that it's perfectly obvious that the universe is a system which is aware of itself. In other words, we, as living organisms, are forms of the energy of the universe just as much as the stars and the galaxies, and, through our sense organs, this system of energy becomes aware of itself.

But to understand this we must again relate back to our basic contrast between on and off, something and nothing, which is that the aspect of the universe which is aware of itself, which does the awaring, does not see itself. In other words, you can't look at your eyes with your eyes. You can't observe yourself in the act of observing. You can't touch the tip of a finger with the tip of the same finger no matter how hard you try. Therefore, there is on the reverse side of all observation a blank spot; for example, behind your eyes from the point of view of your eyes. However you look around there is blankness behind them. That's unknown. That's the part of the universe which does not see itself because it is seeing.

We always get this division of experience into one-half known, one-half unknown. We would like to know, if we could, this always unknown. If we examine the brain and the structure of the nerves behind the eyes, we're always looking at somebody else's brain. We're never able to look at our own brain at the same time we're investigating somebody else's brain.

So there is always this blank side of experience. What I'm suggesting is that the blank side of experience has the same relationship to the conscious side as the off principle of vibration has to the on principle. There's a fundamental division. The Chinese call them the yang, the positive side, and the yin, the negative side. This corresponds to the idea of one and zero. All numbers can be made of one and zero as in the binary system of numbers which is used for computers.

And so it's all made up of off and on, and conscious and unconscious. But the unconscious is the part of experience which is doing consciousness, just as the trough manifests the wave, the space manifests the solid, the background manifests the figure. And so all that side of life which you call unconscious, unknown, impenetrable, is unconscious, unknown, impenetrable because it's really you. In other words, the deepest you is the nothing side, is the side which you don't know.

So, don't be afraid of nothing. I could say, "There's nothing in nothing to be afraid of." But people in our culture are terrified of nothing. They're terrified of death; they are uneasy about sleep, because they think it's a waste of time. They have a lurking fear in the back of their minds that the universe is eventually going to run down and end in nothing, and it will all be forgotten, buried and dead. But this is a completely unreasonable fear, because it is just precisely this nothing which is always the source of something.

Think once again of the image of clarity, crystal clear. Nothing is what brings something into focus. This nothing, symbolized by the crystal, is your own eyeball, your own consciousness.


Every atom, every object, every condition,

and every living being has a time of awakening.

Sometimes this is a gradual awakening and sometimes it is sudden.

To some people it comes in a moment’s time by some blow or disappointment,

or because their heart has broken through

something that happened suddenly.

From The Teachings Of

Selected & Arranged By

A message to the Saints...

There are seven levels of Consciousness to reach Yourself..

Is it not time to laugh at this premise?..

But, it is true..

The 'long path' of reincarnation will lead you through these levels of ego disolving..

Such a waste of time and pain..

The Saints that were taught within the schools of duality were caught within these prisons,

but, you are fortunate to learn of the 'short path' to Enlightenment..

These Mystical Saints, such as Francis of Assisi and Teresa of Avila were attempting to draw

closer to the Creator Source but were still trapped within the belief in duality..

You Priests, Ministers, and Sages that read this blog should now pay attention to these words..

You have never been separated from God..

You have been lied to, by those you trusted..

Power and wealth is what has captured your soul..

It has been your desires or the desires of those that rule over you..

It is time for Freedom..

Love is the absence of egoic consciousness..

Give All to receive All..

This is all that needs to be said to the Saints..

namaste, thomas

Alan Watts ~ Face Your Problems Head On


You are not the 'Thoughts' of the Mind..

You are the 'Consciousness' that watches the Mind..

When the Mind is disturbed, see Yourself as Consciousness and watch the Mind..

You will witness the disturbance and not be the disturbance..

The disturbance will flow through the Mind but You will remain separate from these thoughts of pain and negativity..

You will then notice that these thoughts will disappear as they are an illusion of the ego..

namaste, thomas

Van Morrison - Candy Dulfer Live Rockpalast

Humanity's Spiritual Evolution...

A major turning point in humanity’s spiritual evolution has been reached.

January 8, 2014 by John Smallman

Humanity’s quest for meaning, the ever ongoing search for a life purpose other than plain survival in an environment that does not support your bodily needs without a lot of effort and focus on your part, is now becoming far clearer to you. For eons basic survival was the driving force in human lives, but over the last few decades many of you have found yourselves in situations that are conducive to contemplation, to wise and thoughtful consideration of your religious, philosophical, political, and cultural beliefs and values – beliefs and values that had been imposed from without and which you had accepted unquestioningly. You no longer do so and this has and is causing anxiety and doubt of a nature not previously experienced. The comfortable acceptance of rigid dogmas and of the judgments attached to them has been severely shaken and is leading to a renewed and enthusiastic search for true spiritual guidance, guidance that does not come laden with a set of personally motivated agendas from self appointed and arrogant authority figures that are in conflict with its claimed ideals.

As you have so often been told you are divine beings of enormous power, and for eons you have collectively been using that power – without awareness – to maintain and support an illusion that imposes severe restrictions and limitations upon you, not the least of which are time and your human bodies. Time, which from your perspective can seem endless and overwhelming in respect to the formation of universes, galaxies, and star systems, and bodies which last only a very short time and which during that brief lifespan suffer frequently through illness, accident, or the untoward and unconscionable actions of others. Not a very encouraging or enticing environment in which to experience your all too brief lives.

You are all eternal beings, and death is but part of the illusion, often an alarming part because it seems so final and inevitable. And as you have searched widely in recent decades for a culture, a philosophy, or a religion that offers truth and meaning many of you have opened your hearts to love, and have found it in the most unexpected places. You have realized that without love, forgiveness, and compassion that lasting peace is impossible. This realization has become apparent and is being acknowledged in personal relationships, has spread to families, to small social groups and organizations, and the wisdom and knowledge it demonstrates is now starting to be put into practice on a much wider scale. You are changing the world one person at a time, and that is the only way that lasting change can occur. Each one of you has to embrace and demonstrate love, honesty, integrity, and trust, and each day more and more of you are doing just that. A major turning point in humanity’s spiritual evolution has been reached, and there truly is only spiritual evolution, any other form is of the illusion and does not last.

Spiritual evolution is the path to your awakening, and you are now most firmly established on it with the destination in sight. You will be pleased to know there is now not the slightest possibility of turning back or of retracing your steps, you are moving firmly forwards and nothing can prevent you from achieving your destiny.

Once you embrace love, God’s Love offered to you in every moment, it is impossible for you not to share It and extend It because your individual energy fields expand every time that you do so, creating for yourself an irresistible space of peace and acceptance that also draws others to you who then do likewise. The evolutionary progress that humanity has made over the last six or seven decades is quite astounding, and although there are still many who have chosen not to start evolving yet, and who are seemingly causing mayhem all over the world, the remaining time they have in positions from which they can continue to orchestrate conflict and betrayal is running out very rapidly.

Some of them have finally started questioning their agendas, their motivations, because even they have been infected by Love, mainly for their progeny, which previously they inoculated themselves against so that they would have the strength to bury their true feelings as they drove all those with whom they were involved to sacrifice themselves for “the cause.” The cause being their own personal agenda to maintain power over others at all costs, even if it meant destroying their loved ones. But then of course their loved ones were merely possessions to be used as circumstances demanded to consolidate or strengthen their positions.

Your history clearly shows that these power-driven dynasties are always defeated eventually, even if they do succeed in the short term in living in great wealth or splendor while doing great damage to others during their time in power. Your history also shows very clearly that replacing one dynasty with another, as has happened so many times, solves no problems whatsoever in the long term. Power sought and fought for divides and corrupts totally, while your innate power, which can never be taken from you, your divine inheritance given to you at the moment of your creation is inclusive, accepting, and eternally incorporated within each of you because you are all One perfectly integrated Whole with God.

The power that you can gain on Earth through force of arms, manipulation of others, deceit, or betrayal is but a form of quicksand, a swamp, a whirlpool that sucks you in crushing and smothering you, filling you with fear, and distracting you from your life’s purpose – awakening. It has always to be protected and defended, and that alone demonstrates that it is not power but weakness.

You do not need and should not seek that kind of power over others, because, apart from the harm you do to them, you do great and lasting damage to yourselves by engaging with it. It very effectively turns you against yourself in inner conflict because you can never live up to the standards you demand of yourself to prove that you are invincible, which of course you are not. You become ever more removed from the true You as you avoid loving attitudes or behaviors of any kind in order to remain strong. Happiness becomes impossible and bitterness and anger rule you as you seek out and destroy any whom you think might deceive or betray you, leaving you apparently alone, isolated, and separated from Love, God, your Source – even while perhaps claiming to do His Will.

But those separated ones are not separated, because separation is not an option, they are merely unaware because they have closed their eyes to His Light, and their hearts to His Love. When you surrender to the Will of God, which as you well know is also your will, you open yourselves to His Love allowing It to flow through you, thus intensely strengthening your own individual energy fields and encouraging them to join together with those of others bringing you together as one. And in that surrender lies your eternal power, a power that you can never lose and which makes you as invincible as your Source.

No one will remain forever closed to God, because the Light of His Love burns within each one of you and is, in the end, utterly irresistible. So send love to those who are lost and shut down, no matter how harshly they are behaving, and thereby intensify the Love burning within you. As we keep telling you Love, and Love alone, is the answer to every problem. You have only to allow It to flow freely, without let or hindrance, and all will be eternally well. And there is no way that you can stop It from flowing freely, abundantly, and eternally, because It is All, there is nothing else.

Your loving brother, Jesus.